Beneath the celestial skies
I sit under the starry skies,
The stars wink at me,
Hey you my child,
Is your heart has drenched
In these tides.

I look up at them
And cast a smile
Meanwhile the rhythmic
Winds blew, making my heart
At ease.

Long and shady trees
With their ever-changing
leaves green yellow
Red and brown,
The taste of autumn
Dives me back into
A flood of memories.

My heart is a home,
Home of stars
That glows bright,
On the mountains
And in beneath the
Celestial waves.

In your deep blue
Eyes I wish to get
lost, like a universe
Collides, that finds
The broken things
Most beautiful as
Your heart.

I will treasure
Your heart and
make you whole,
For I am a part of
You, our dreams
Weaved in rainbow
trails that leaves a
Little bit of white cast
Of memories that has
slipped through our

A bit of them
mixed with stardust
And golden rays of
Sunlight some of
Them are mixed with
Little hurricane and
Planets colliding, like
Thunderstorms they bring
Chaos in my heart, yet
They are so beautiful
like you, & in to
Your arms I belong
Under this celestial waves
I found a love
That broke me to my core,
Yet it was so beautiful that
I cannot let it go.

© alpha stella