Another boring day at department A it seemed,
I said to myself as I slumped into my chair and began the monotonous task at hand.
My thoughts were barely focused on the work when a voice, crisp and authoritative,
crackled through the office's speaker system.

'All workers in department A, please come to department C.' My ears perked up,
a flicker of excitement replacing the tedium.
An announcement! Anything was better than this endless spreadsheet.
Always keen to step away from the drudgery,
I practically leaped from my chair and hurried towards department C.

In fact, I was so eager to escape the monotony that I was the first to arrive.
The room was empty, save for a single, solitary desk with a closed door.
I settled in, feeling a strange mix of curiosity and apprehension.

An hour ticked by, then two, and still, no one else showed up.
'Where are the rest of them?', I muttered to myself, my eyes scanning the empty room.
I'd been the first to arrive, and now it seemed, I was the last.
The silence was almost deafening,
broken only by the steady hum of the air conditioning. A chill ran down my spine.

Where was everyone? This wasn't a routine meeting.
It was like the entire department had vanished into thin air,
leaving me alone in a deserted, echoing room.
A sense of unease gnawed at me, the initial excitement replaced by a creeping fear.

What had happened to my colleagues?
My mind raced, desperately attempting to piece together what could have possibly gone wrong.

© Lai Montes