Eternal Dance (Gone By Sunrise)
In shadows deep where moonlight weaves,
Two souls entwined, bound by ancient leaves.
Lilith, fair maiden with eyes as dark as night,
And Damian, noble in his silent might.

He, a prince of shadows, centuries old,
Guardian of secrets, stories untold.
She, a mortal flame, fierce and bright,
Drawn to darkness, craving the night.

Through veils of time, their paths converge,
A dance of fate, a lover's surge.
He watches her with eyes of ice,
She sees beyond his ancient guise.

In moonlit glades where whispers sigh,
They meet beneath the starlit sky.
Her laughter echoes, a melody clear,
His silence speaks, drawing her near.

But shadows linger, secrets kept,
In the depths where night winds swept.
For he is bound by blood and lore,
She yearns for truths, to explore.

Yet in their union, a fragile spark,
A bridge between worlds, light in the dark.
For love knows not the bounds of fate,
It blooms despite the hands of hate.

So Lilith and Damian, in twilight's embrace,
Find solace in each other's grace.
A mortal and immortal, intertwined,
In love's eternal dance, undefined.

© sionx