fake shit
I spend my time, my money, and my energy,
For people, for friends that are good for me.

But I come up short, as they stab me too deeply,
And I don't notice it until it's too late, oh so fleetly.

I wonder, would they feel grief or be happy,
If they knew the pain they caused, so snappy.

Why is it such a struggle to find friends that love me,
And not answer me when it benefits them, oh how they use me.

I wish for a world where I find people like me,
Or at least like-minded souls with open minds, you see.

For I'm getting tired of the pride, the facade,
Yearning for authenticity, where true connections are made.

I'm tired of not voicing my opinions, feeling taboo,
Alone with my thoughts, with no one to talk to.

I'm just tired of the fake shit, tired of the "I can't make it",
Seeking genuine friendships, no more deceit, I state it.
© jMaj161914