Eminent, yet adorable is my story for you
Ripping through the shades of shadows' dew
Into the beginning of the very beginning
Millions of years before creation and time spinning
On the alter of God's magical vantage point
Hanging, dangling where formed every of Adam's joint

Endlessly, impossibly long was the queue
Right, left, Angels flocking, glowing anew
Interspersed, the little and the high a - shivering
Measuring genuflections to God, the all - Knowing
On His seat of power as He would appoint
High Angels who never disappoint

"Ensure," God said" you would specially mould a few"
Rich are their eyes like Helena, a grace for view
Inspiringly moderate height, lovely skin glowing
Measured hands and legs, sweet voice commanding
"Only that Kerimoh Omoshalewa is my viewpoint"
"Highly special a being," said God "Is she that I anoint"

Happy Birthday, Karimoh Omoshalewa! 😍
©Abubakar Ibrahim Olokuta, June 2022
© nostradamus