Howling Shadows
In the depths of my own mind, I linger
Where thoughts twist and turn, like a finger
Pointing out every doubt and fear
Lost in a labyrinth of insecurity, my dear

Actions analyzed, intentions questioned
In the darkness, I am not quite a pleasant
Overthinking every word and deed
Lost in a cycle of self-doubt and need

Trapped within my own thoughts, I pace
In a world of unsettling mental space
Overinterpreting, drowning in worry
Lost in a loveless, self-critical flurry

Haunted by shadows, both real and fake
I am engulfed by a darkness, no break
In the depths of my being, no release
Only the echoes of a torment, no peace

In a realm of twisted nightmares, I dwell
Overanalyzing my perceived hell
Lost in the darkness of my own mind
Held captive by fears, unkind.

© Jellal_asuma