Weathering With You (Poem Version)
Inspired by one of the masterpiece of made by Makoto Shinkai

Part 1: Closure
In this city of rain and gloom,
I met a girl who lit up the room.
Her smile was like sunshine on a cloudy day,
And I knew in that moment, she was here to stay.

With her by my side, I found my way,
Through the storm and the rain, we faced each day.
Together we laughed, and together we cried,
With her, I felt like I could take on the tide.

Her power over the weather was a sight to behold,
But her heart of gold was worth more than any gold.
I vowed to protect her, to keep her safe and warm,
To never let her go, to weather any storm.

As we watched the world from high above,
I knew that I was falling in love.
Her presence filled my heart with light,
And I knew that with her, everything would be alright.

So here, under the sky so blue,
I promise you, Hina, my love is true.
With you by my side, I'll face any weather,
For you and our love, I'll weather anything together.

Part 2: Disaster

But as we continued on this journey,
I knew that our love would face adversity.
For Hina's power was a double-edged sword,
And her fate was one that I could not afford.

As her ability consumed her day by day,
I watched in despair as she slowly faded away.
I pleaded with the sky, with all my might,
To give us back our sunshine, to give us back our light.

But as the rain continued to pour,
I knew that our time together was no more.
My heart shattered as I watched her go,
But I knew that she had to let her power flow.

So I made a promise, to never forget,
The love we shared, the moments we met.
I'll hold onto the memories, the laughter and tears,
And keep her in my heart for all the coming years.

For even though she's gone, she'll never fade away,
Her love and light will continue to shine every day.
And as I move forward in this world so blue,
I'll always remember the love I had with you.

Part 3: Intertwoven

As time passed on, I learned to live,
With the memories of the love we give.
But one day, a ray of hope appeared,
A chance for our love to be unendingly revered.

With skies so blue and light so bright,
We felt a pull, like a force so right.
Our hands intertwined, we took the leap,
And together, we soared, beyond the steep.

We were bound together by an unknown force,
A phenomenon beyond our human course.
But we embraced it, with hearts so brave,
For we knew that love could conquer any wave.

As we watched the world from high above,
We knew that we were bound by a love,
That would never die, that would never fade,
A love that could never be betrayed.

So here we are, forevermore,
Bound together by an unbreakable score.
Our love so pure, our bond so strong,
We'll weather any storm, and keep moving on.

For even though the rain may pour,
And the winds may howl and roar,
Our love will always shine so bright,
A beacon of hope, an eternal light.
© ItsArnold