Yes, Akari, that was her! I was astonished to see her; she had passed away yesterday in front of my eyes, and now she was standing there wishing me a good morning. I was nervous and perspiring. She said, "Hey!" as I had my eyes wide open. Is everything okay? Why are you giving me this intense stare? I took a while to respond to her, wondering how I could inform her that she had passed away yesterday. Greetings for the morning! Fear not—everything is fine (even though it wasn't). Classes were in session, but I was unable to concentrate since my thoughts were replaying the scenarios  from yesterday. I wanted to question her about it, but I was hesitant to ask her directly, so I chose to sit quietly instead of asking. We switched contact information since she wanted all of my schoolwork and requested me to lend her some of my notes. When I got home from school, my thoughts about her and the incident from yesterday were still on my mind. I know it wasn't a dream, but it still feels like one. I picked up my phone to shake off these thoughts, and there was a message from an unknown number saying, "Hey!" I'm Akari.
I said hello to her in return. and right away, I received a message from her apologizing for disturbing you, but could you perhaps send me your homework? As a gentleman, I said, "No problem," and I sent her some of my work. Following that, we had a lengthy conversation during which we discussed a wide range of topics, including her likes and dislikes. I also learned that she enjoys reading, so I told her about the book "A Seat Next to Her" that I had recently finished and how much I had enjoyed it, We started to get along after that day and used to talk on the phone every day.

Before I realized it, our conversation had lasted for a whole month. It felt like I had known her for a very long time because we were now regular conversation partners. There was no longer any playing hide-and-seek between us as we started to disclose everything. She developed into a habit that I don't want to break, but I had no idea that our relationship would evolve. It's been a week since she abruptly vanished and didn't even show up at school. I texted her several times, but she didn't respond, so I have no idea what happened to her. A few days later, she sent me a message saying hello! Rest assured, nothing is wrong; I'm simply feeling under the weather. When I saw her message, I was relieved. I told her to take care and not to worry about the notes; I would give them to you, and she disappeared once more. The last text I had from her was three days ago, and even though the classroom was full, it felt empty to me. As I was thinking about her, someone sat next to me, and a voice said, "It's been a long time no see." I turned around as soon as I heard the voice, shocked to see who it was, and I responded, "Where have you been?" without much delay. I said okay even though I wanted to know immediately because she claimed it was a big story and she would tell me some other day.
You stay here, I'll be right back. She got up, but as soon as she did, she collapsed to the ground. I Panicked, I got her to sit down and told the instructor everything. The teacher arrived, and we escorted her to a little rest area for sick children. After 30 minutes, she opened her eyes and smiled at me, so I asked, "Are you okay?" as I was there taking care of her as I was told to. How did things turn out for you? I also questioned her about what had happened to her, why she hadn't shown up for class, and about the scar on her hand that I had noticed while holding her.
She hesitated for a moment, about to say anything, when she noticed someone behind me. She began to tremble, her eyes wide open as like she had seen a ghost, and when I turned back...

To be continued

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