I don't want to go to school. That's what I was shouting inside my heart, but I had no choice but to go; I've never liked school and am not particularly interested. School has always been a bad place for me; it's not as if it's haunted, but I've never had happy recollections there. I somehow improved my mood and headed for school. When I arrived, rumors circulated that a new girl would be joining our school today, and I was thinking, what the heck is going on? We typically have a long assembly, but today it was too long, and in this sweltering day, assembly finally ended.

I walked to class, grabbed my water bottle from my backpack, and began to drink; after a few minutes, our class teacher came. I don't like her. She is always in a terrible attitude, never tired of complaining, and is dissatisfied with everything. She started the roll call, called my name, and scolded me for being absent yesterday. You should at least inform me; do not remain absent without informing me; else, you will face severe consequences; now sit down! Anyway, we had a new student with us today, and she will be joining us starting today. Her name is Akari, and everyone please be polite to her. Akari! Please come and introduce yourself in class. Hello, everyone!! My name is Akari, and I am new to the town. I moved here with my family a few weeks ago, so I hope we can be good friends. I nodded down, not interested in seeing the new girl. Boys in the back were whispering, and I heard them say, "Hey, isn't she beautiful? "I suppose I'm in love with her!"
I gently raised my head and glared at her. What! No, isn't she the same girl I saw in my dream? It's impossible; it can't be true. Am I still dreaming? I pinch myself to see if I am dreaming or not, ooch!! It seems real.

Ma'am went on to say "Akai, go and seat with J seems like he is sitting alone" Ma'am said, "Akai, go and sit with J; he appears to be sitting alone." She came and sat by my side, and ma'am began to take class, "turn page number 157, Akai, you can refer to J's book." After fighting for 35 minutes in a hard battle, the bell rang and she left; I stared outside, wondering how this was possible. I saw her in my dream. After a few minutes of stillness, she eventually spoke and said hello! If you don't mind, may I please have a window seat? I began to have a vision of the real scene that occurred in the dream; it felt like Deja Vu, and I wanted to say no! Once again, I said yes. She smiled gently and said thank you so much, just as she had in my dream, and I smiled back, saying my pleasure.

We didn't converse much, maybe she felt uneasy between us. I'm not sure if she did, but I can feel jealousy from boys. It was lunch break, and other boys were attempting to engage with her, but she didn't respond to them, possibly because she wasn't interested. Finally, it was time to return home, which is my favorite thing to do. I was packing my books, and she had already departed for home. I was crossing the street and noticed her at a distance; she was also crossing the road, but she was not as confident. A truck approached her at a high speed, and I panicked. I tried to cry, "Akai, watch out!" But my voice could not reach her; unfortunately, the truck hit her. Blood flowed like a torrent and filled the road; slowly, a crowd gathered. Everyone began to murmur, Who is she? Is she still living or has she died? She's too young to die! Take pity on her! After a few moments, she died. My heart is filled with grief and agony.

I can't believe what happened today. I had trouble sleeping since all I could think about was her. Everything seems so mysterious or a unsolved riddles. It was like a movie; I first saw her in a dream, then at school in real life, and now she died right in front of me. Everything seemed to be unclear, and I felt sleepy. The next day, as usual, I got myself ready for school, even though I didn't want to since I couldn't get over the incident from the day before, and all I could think about on my way to school was her. I walked into the classroom and noticed a bag on my desk; I looked closer and realized it was Akai's bag; I was surprised that her bag was in here. Who carried her bag? While I was debating myself, I heard a voice behind me say, "Hey!" Goodmorning! The voice seemed familiar, so I turned back and my eyes were drawn to what I saw.

-To be continued

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