Hollow Man

You did not come down from that high place
When you ended up sleeping forever,
Leaving me in despair; now, what am I?
A hopeless creature, hope faded away
Like those burnt-out ends in the corner
Of that small, single room,
were resting in stuffy air with us
I am not looking back; those saddened past
Those days murder me many times
When I think of even a single one
It strangles my hope to come by
No, never would I dare look back
Those saddened past and days
That make me feel like tiring arguments
But I cannot stop my unconscious
When it finds the dream outlet
I know it already, they will never stop haunting
As the ghosts of my shadow mind, it is pitch black
Inside my head and clutches me with
Their bitter, sharp sounds.
Now I am living in a Hollow end as a Hollow man
Life is too long, life is too long
And the clock moves more slowly
Than anything, as if a minute a year
But I am pretending and pretending for long
As if I am skillful at preparing for the happy days
I am pretending a smile before your face.

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