Dad, You Are Irreplaceable
Father, you were my guiding light,
In your absence, there's a void so deep,
The memories we shared, shining so bright,
Your love and wisdom, forever I'll keep.

Your laughter and warmth, so irreplaceable,
The strength and courage you instilled in me,
Your absence leaves my heart so vulnerable,
But your spirit lives on eternally.

I miss your gentle words of comfort,
Your unwavering support and care,
I carry your legacy with every effort,
Knowing you're always there.

Though you are no longer by my side,
Your love remains a constant force,
In my heart, you will always reside,
A guiding star on my life's course.

Father, you are irreplaceable,
But your love will never fade,
In my heart, you are forever memorable,
And in your absence, I'll find strength in the shade.

© Sunita Pathania

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