Love and deceit
In a way I still wanna text you;
I still open our chats and read through,
Reliving the moments we once had,
My fingers hovering over the call button on your contact,
I post statuses,only so that u can respond or react
But u don't do anything
I just feel like I'm forcing myself
So I convince myself that I'm over u
But u know the heart cannot be deceived right
I wish I could see you one more time
Embrace you like never before
Not all wishes are meant to come true right
So I'll just remain to fantasise
Dream about you in my arms
Cause I'll never get that opportunity
Cause u never loved me
I just fell for you and your charms
But I was just another play thing for you
To impress your friends
And in order to win a bet.
Well that's awesome,you won,
But in the process you stole my heart and broke it
No way to repair it,
Thank you for the lesson of how not to trust a person with my heart.
© All rights reserved Reverie