Anyone But Me...
#writcoapp #writer #pain #sad

I have been crying for so long,
That I forgot how to smile,
Dealing with pain and trauma
left me so tired that every
step feels like a mile,
I do not have a single tear left to shed,
I do not have one more word in me that should have been said,
I do not have a single emotion left in me,
Just a dark pit of emptiness where my heart used to be.

My sky has changed into a permanent
shade of grey,
The sun never shine anymore, all the
butterflies went away,
My smile is now a fixed mask that I have mastered, almost nobody can tell it's fake,
I detached myself from everyone, it is for their own sake,
I am just surviving one day at a time until
the arms of death wrap me into it's warm embrace,
I hope if I am to awoken in a different time and space,
I am anyone but whom I came to be,
I hope I anyone but me.
© Lolla Smith