will tell the AI
love is
an operation
Heart x Heart -> Pair
where for you and me
print love(You, Me)
will give
love is #ff0000

A short poem written down very close to the machine's language. (The associated runnable source code can be found in the title image.) I just want to express that everything imaginable can be described formally. But the AI does not feel! Finally, 'ff0000' a placeholder for the colour red.

I asked ChatGPT to interpret my poem. The answer was: "The poem uses the terminology and syntax of programming to describe love in a modern, technical way. It illustrates how two individuals (hearts) come together (undergo an operation) and are united as a pair (result). The use of '#ff0000' as the result symbolizes the passionate, intense nature of love by referring to the color red. The poem plays with the idea that love is a calculable and expressible force, yet remains deeply emotional and meaningful." In the end ChatGPT was (still?) wrong.

© Julian Heylinck, June 2024