A happy dream
Like some other day,
She was crying again,
In the same old way,
without letting others know her pain.
Then a girl with wings came and told,
She asked the girl - "why your eyes are filled with tears?"
"Do you want some new clothes in place of old? "
"Or do you want to want to live a thousand years? "
She said, "I don't want to live a thousand years",
"Nor do I want to replace my old clothes with clothes that are new."
Then she wiped her tears,
She said, she just want some happy days which are few.
The girl with wings said, "don't you need to worry",
"everything will be just as fine".
She said "now as I need to go and I am so sorry,"
"just wait and count from one to nine.
As soon as the little girl finished counting one to nine,
She realised it was a dream as alarm stared to ring,
And she realised she is now happy and fine.
She doesn't know why but she became so happy that she started to sing.
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