My heart was young, my soul so free,
When I first met you, I couldn't see,
The way my life would change that day,
When I fell in love, in every way.

Your smile lit up the room, like a shining light,
Your eyes sparkled bright, like diamonds in sight.
My heart skipped a beat, my soul felt alive,
I knew in that moment, I'd found my heart's drive.

I was lost in your eyes, like a ship at sea,
Drowning in the depths, of your love's sweet melody.
Every moment with you, was a dream come true,
I knew I'd spend forever, loving you.

You stole my heart, with a single glance,
And I knew in that moment, I'd take a chance.
On love, on life, on us, on our hearts,
And forever be yours, from the very start.

© Becky_