Three years of love, of laughter and tears 💔
A bond so strong, through all our fears 💕
We stood as one, through every test 🤝
Our love shone bright, and was truly blessed ✨

But then a small spark, ignited a flame 🔥
A tiny issue, that bore a different name 🤔
It grew and spread, until it consumed 🌪️
The love we had, and left us numb 😔

We tried to fight, to save what we had 💪
But the damage was done, and we were sad 😔
The love we shared, was lost in the haze 🌫️
And our three years, were reduced to daze 😵

I wish we could go back, to what we had found 🔙
But sometimes love, is lost, and can't be bound 💔
I'll always remember, the love we shared 💗
And hope that someday, our hearts will be repaired😍
© Becky_