My heart is torn, for all that's lost,
The pain is gone, without a cost,
Am scared alone, for the door that's closed,
I made a false identity, with what I was not,
what I thought was reality, was just a mere thought.

Today am torn, between letting go and not,
When all is gone, will I find me or not?
Somehow am alone, yet I worry not,
These bold steps I take, to infinity of thought.

The truth is painful, yet awesome all the same,
Life is meaningful, without the mind's judgmental game,
I choose to be mindful, to the life's painless flame,
This path is dreadful, yet liberating all the same.

I will vibrate with nature, this is my ultimate choice,
In pain and pleasure, I'll give my ears to my innate voice,
In the mystery of culture, I'll not synch with their normal noise,
For the past and future, is only met in the present choice.
© prinz wahlite