Silent Screams
In the silence of our shared space,
I held my tongue, to keep his face.
Words unsaid, a bitter balm,
In quiet nights, I sought the calm.

His words cut deep, yet still I stayed,
Afraid of what the truth conveyed.
A love so fragile, on the brink,
Unspoken thoughts began to sink.

I chose the silence, chose the pain,
Hoping love would still remain.
Yet in the void, the echoes grew,
Of all the things I never knew.

Now shadows linger where we stood,
Unspoken words that never could
Heal the wounds or make them right,
Silent sorrows in the night.

For in the end, the truth untold,
Left me in the dark and cold.
A heart weighed down with silent dread,
By all the things I left unsaid.
© marionbonareri