A Soundtrack
The air hummed with the insistent rhythm of crickets' sound and,
Their chirping a constant soundtrack to our trek towards the magical mountain.

Each step we took, deeper into the verdant embrace of the forest, and I made sure that the experience will be included to my corpora,
It seemed to amplify their song, a vibrant lush paterns of nature's orchestra.

As we climbed, the path grew steeper, challenging our legs and lungs,
But the chirping crickets seemed to cheer us on with their tireless song like puns.

The air grew thinner, the trees taller, something fosters,
And the scent of pine needles filled our nostrils.

We were approaching the summit, and with every stride,
The anticipation thrummed within us as we sighed.

We knew that at the top, the beauty of nature awaited, seamless,
A breathtaking panorama that would leave us speechless.

The crickets, our constant companions, seemed to share in our anticipation,
Their song gaining a crescendo as we neared our destination.

We could almost hear the whisper of the wind, the rustling of leaves,
The chorus of nature's symphony waiting to be revealed like how this poem weaves.

And we knew, with a certainty that resonated in our hearts, that the magical mountain, that resolves woe...
Held a secret beauty that only those who endured the journey would ever truly know.

© Lai Montes