figures of speech

Musukaan smile as
divinely beautiful
as God smile

The whole world is
a stage ...
But only musu is the

The butterflies whispered
Into my ears ..
"Amu your gf musu is a
Gorgeous goddess"

O Lata Mangeshkar,
You should be living now
To hear musu ka melody
Beautiful voice

Amu Amulet ko belive
nahi kartha ..only musu
Ka smile can bring success

I am so hungry I could
Eat musu made raw Atta ...

Wah kya bole !
Now I really will
Feed you atta
Instead of roti
Ha ha ha

Musu is so beautiful
Even angels admire
Her beauty

Musu :
So you made this
New figure of speech..
nH20(s) hai 😎

© amusu