The Writer. Ep.5
3 weeks, four days later.

I walked out of my house at six on a Sunday evening. I was ordered by Uyai to report to her base immediately. I don't know why I'm speaking macho/military/army speak right now but I am.

So anyway, I'm meant to have my bodyguard with me at all times. But seeing as it is a Sunday, my bodyguard isn't with me. Yes I know he's meant to be with me but he's usually off on Sundays. And by the way, I don't think I need a bodyguard. I'm totally safe. Like totally.

I rushed out and immediately saw a cab slowing down right in front of my gate. It was like God sent the cab to me.

"Madam, you dey go?" asked the cab guy. He looked normal. Not like a kidnapper or a rapist. But I mean I don't think anyone can tell who a kidnapper or a rapist is. Just have to trust God for his protection.

"Yes," I answered. Then I told him the address I was heading to.

"Na 500 naira oh" he replied.

"No problem" I answered. Then got in as fast as I could.

A few distances to Uyai's home, the cab stopped. It was a bit dark and for some strange reasons, the street lights were off. So the street was a bit dark too. I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable. Why did the cab stop? Is anything wrong with the cab?

"Oga. Watin happen?" I asked from the back seat of where I sat.

He didn't say anything.

"Oga" I called again.

No response.

"Oga" I called more loudly this time.

Still no response.

T'was then I knew something was really wrong.

One; he came directly to me. Like he was waiting for me to come out. Two; the cab stopped for no reason. It didn't show any sign of having a problem. And lastly, the cab guy is strangely quiet. Refusing to respond to me.

My gut was telling me to flee. Like in the South African saying "Baleka". And Baleka I did. I opened the door with my bag tightly held in my second hand and ran.

"Madam!" yelled the driver.

"Shit. She's escaping" said an unknown voice from somewhere in the dark. I didn't care to check who it was. I kept running.

"Get her. Don't let her escape!" yelled an additional voice.

Oh my God, I'm about to get kidnapped! I was running and I was scared shitless. So I did what anybody scared shitless would do.

I screamed.

On my fifth take of screaming {yeah, I counted}, I was grabbed around my waist. My back hit a solid wall of chest and I knew this was the end of me. But I wasn't going to go down without a fight. So I struggled and I kept screaming.

"Where's the handkerchief? We need to put her to sleep" said the guy holding me.

I struggled in earnest knowing this was getting worse.

Oh God, Uyai said I would be in danger working for her. I take back what I said before. I'm not safe.

It wasn't up to a minute, I was let go immediately and roughly. I stumbled on my feet to keep steady. Then I heard an umph sound and then a loud thud. Some heavy breathing along with a grunt. Then silence.

All these happened within a minute.

I looked around confused.

At first, I saw outlines of men. Three of them to be exact.

But now, I was seeing just one.

"What just happened?" I asked confused.

"Are you okay?" asked the last man standing. Wait I know that voice.


"Yeah, are you okay?" he reiterated.

"I'm fine. How did you know I was here? Did you hear me scream?"

"Yeah, I..." he began. But I stopped him.

"Wait. You don't work on Sundays"

He kept quiet.

The tempo of my heart sped up.

"What are you doing here?"

He still kept quiet.

Oh my god. Is he one of the kidnappers? Was this planned?

I stepped back away from him, "you're one of them. You all planned this. Trying to make it look like you came to my rescue. Meanwhile, you'll whisk me away in a getaway van and then dissect my body and use for rituals! Oh. My. God!"

I screamed the last part.

"What? No. of course not. How will I...?" He took in a deep frustrating breath then said, "I knew something was up"

I stared at his profile.

He knew something was up? What, the sky?

I raised an eyebrow at him but then remembered it's dark. He can't see me.

"The only thing that's up, is the sky. Chef" I said sarcastically.

With his hands on his waist, he looked to said sky.

I stared at his outline once more.

His head came down to mine, "let me take you to the house"

His hand was reaching for my elbow but I pulled it away.

"No" I objected.

He stepped back. But from his movements, I could tell he was getting pissed off.

"Ireyi. These men might have more men coming and as you can see I am only one man. I just beat the shit out of two men. My adrenaline is out. I have no more strength to beat the crap out of more men. One, maybe. But two? No. So please, have mercy and let me escort you. You are quite important. Keeping you alive is my number one priority"

I don't know why I let him but I did. Maybe was because of all he said. Maybe was because I didn't want more men to come or maybe somehow deep down in my heart, I knew I could trust him.

A week later.

Soft, slow, music was playing. I was dressed immaculately elegant. My shimmering gold dress with sequin all over it was glittering in the light and I was standing behind Uyai as she conversed with a handsome devil.

His name is Hon. Eniola Idogbe running for senator for Lagos state. He's one of the youngest politicians of our time and people are doting over him which is good. Beside him stood his twin brother Tayo Idogbe. Both were dashing and both very single. I think. They had this rugged, bad boy look with smoldering eyes and high cheekbones.

I couldn't stop staring at them.

We were currently at a dinner party organized by Hajiya Fa'izah Musa. She's one of Uyai's friends in the world of politics. She decided to host this dinner to get as many politicians as she could to discuss various topics relating to our country. I don't know why they didn't just do it in the house of assembly. At least I would have been home by now relaxing on my lumpy couch with a bowl of ice cream on my laps.

I stood silently as I tried to listen to what Uyai was saying but I was getting bored. So I busied myself by looking around. You know- Taking the view in. And let me tell you, what a view. This house is massive.

Hajiya Fa'izah Musa is swimming in money. In fact, everyone here is swimming in money. Well, except for me, and the servers and obviously the guards.

As I went on with my observation, something caught my eye. And with me being me, I decided to check it out.

I didn't think to take permission from Uyai. I mean I don't think she'll even notice my absence. I'll just check it out quickly, then come right back.

So, I walked to the direction of what caught my eye which just went through a hallway. There was a long curtain acting as a door. No one stood guard so I went through. Various rooms were in the hallway and someone in black had just walked into one of those rooms. I followed.

The hallway was empty. The music in the hall was playing but it was muted. I stood at the entrance of the room, keeping my body out of view from the occupants of the room. I could hear voices. About three of them. But they could be more.

"She's getting closer," said a lady.

"Getting closer? Or she already is" this was said by a man. He didn't sound happy.

Someone sighed.

"What's important is us getting the writer. Once we have her Uyai's whole life will be destroyed. That writer knows everything about her"

My breathing increased once I realized what I was listening to. Oh my god. Their talking about Uyai. Goodness me they're talking about kidnapping me.

The conversation went on and I kept listening.

"But that girl has only worked for her for only a month. I'm sure she knows nothing yet" said the same lady as before.

"She does. She practically lives with Uyai now. And capturing her will be a bit difficult. She has a man on her 24/7. After our last failed attempt of kidnapping her, Uyai has been extremely careful. Making sure she's safe at all times." this was said by a voice I know. But just don't know who.

"You've been working for her for years. Why don't you know a lot about her?" asked a new voice.

"Cause I'm always at a distance. I'm never close. She makes sure of it" said the voice I recognized. He sounded frustrated. God, I wish I knew who it was.

"So what do we do now?" someone asked.

"We wait" the voice I recognized replied.

I stood there totally out of sorts. Then I heard footsteps. They were coming to the door. Quickly, I rushed and went through the curtain door. I was immediately caught by my hand by someone. I was about to scream but when I looked at the person, it was my bodyguard Hassan.

"Where have you been?" he asked. He didn't look happy.

"I went to use the restroom" I lied effortlessly.

He dragged me to a corner.

"Where did you go to?" he asked accusingly.

I frowned my face.'

"Are you accusing me of something?"

He kept quiet.

"Hassan I went to use the restroom. What's wrong with that?" He scrutinized me. And I felt like he was analyzing my soul. He let go of me but looked around. I looked around too.

At various sections of the hall tons of bodyguards were stationed. But Uyai's bodyguards stood out. Rago her personal bodyguard stood guard by her side. The man is a house on his own. Others stood a few distances away. It was then I noticed one person was missing. Ajogwu.

From behind me, I heard, "Hello. Good evening. Are you having fun?" I turned to know who it is. It was Hajiya Fa'izah talking to a group of people. She looked stunning. Light in complexion and definitely a mixed breed. I think Fulani and something else.

For some reason, my eyes went to the curtain door. One by one they walked out. People I didn't recognize. A Yoruba man dressed in his attire. A Hausa man in his own attire, a lady in a black stunning dress, and then Ajogwu.

He looked at me. No, not look. He scourged me with his eyes. He knew I knew something.

Right now I feel like my chest is going to explode.

Whom do I tell?

I can't tell Uyai cause she might not believe me. And Ajogwu could deny it making me look like the liar and the traitor.

He kept scourging me with his eyes. I could feel it in my soul.

God, what do I do?