1John 3:13
Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you.

: Simply do not remake ourselves to please those that hate us.

Life is made up of choices and decisions that a person chooses. Good or bad, life or death, big or small, old or young we make life's decisions.
Being an adult we make sacrifices deciding on a decision of our beliefs. Your life doesn't have to be proved to anyone if you're loved it's the love one's decision it's their choice. If they hate us there's nothing that we can do about the way anyone else chooses to feel about us. No one has to change to please anyone else no matter who they are.
If a person chooses to hate you let them.

Lord thank you for words,
thank you for being our father allowing us to have a choice to choose the way that we live our lives,
we love you Lord,
In Jesus name

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