Left with a smile
1: Hay!
2: Hay!
1: How have you been?
2: Good!
Then there was this awkward silence....
1: So....
2: So?
1: I was wondering if we could go on a long drive sometime.
2: Sure. Would you like to order the coffee now?
1: Yes!
2: I will have a cappachino and you?
1: You know what I like, why are you even asking?
2: Yes! Two cups of cappuccino.
1: No! I will have a cold coffee with extra creme. My god it's just been a week and you have already forgotten my choice? This is your love?
2: (With a smile) Yes, this is my love. My love for myself. My love for my loved ones who depend on me, who trust me.
1: What do you mean? You don't love me anymore? You want to breakup over such a trivial matter? All I did was to ask why have you not answered my call? Don't I have the rights to know where you are?
2: Oh yes! you have all the rights to know, where I am, what I am doing and what is going on in my life. You love me, this is expected.
1: Then why are you behaving this way? All calm and quite. You are never this calm. And what is this silly behaviour? Why do you behave so estranged?
2: No no nothing like that. I am just trying to find myself. This is such a great feeling that I sometime find myself lost in thoughts.
1: Oh ok. So, what are your plans now. What shall we do today? The weather is really good.
2: Yes, I have to finish some of my works today, that have been kept pending for almost a month now.
1: Come on! You want to work insted of spending time with me?
2: Oh! Yes. I forgot to ask. Why are we meeting?
1: What do you mean? Do we need reason to meet?
2: Friends don't need reason. But we are not friends, right?
1: And that's the reason we are meeting.
2: Hahaha.
1: What was the laugh for?
2: Because I am wondering, who are we to eachother?
1: What do you mean?
2: Just need an answer, who are we?
1: Lovers.
1: Did you expect a different answer?
2: No, it's just that the realisation that I have and you don't.
1: And what is that?
2: We both loved the same person. You.
1: Now don't start it again......
2: Shhhh! Listen to me. I am not here to start anything. I am here to say goodbye. And thank you for your love that held me so tight that I almost suffocated. I needed my self-respect shattered to find one. I needed the humiliation infront of unknown people to understand the value of respect. I agree I needed it all. But, I needed someone who loved me and stood by me too. I have no complaints. You did all you could and you did good. I will always thank you. But I don't need you. Never needed you but that realisation came late to me.

2 stood up. Smiled at 1 and walked away.
© amitmsra