Part I

Tom and Jerry were two friends,
Whose bond seemed never to end.
Tom was a cat, and Jerry a mouse,
But they shared a house, and even a couch.

They played and chased each other around,
But their friendship was always profound.
Even when Tom tried to catch Jerry,
They both knew it was just for fun, really.

Jerry would often tease and trick,
And Tom would always fall for it, quick.
But even if Jerry was always pissed,
Tom everyday he was tricked.

Their friendship would always be back,
As they need each other for care and love.
No matter what happened, they always forgave,
And their bond grew stronger with every day.

Tom learned to appreciate Jerry's wit,
And Jerry learned to appreciate Tom's grit.
They were two different species, but in the end,
Their friendship was what they could always depend.

Through thick and thin, they stuck together,
Their friendship never wavered, not even in bad weather.
They laughed and played, and sometimes fought,
But they always made up, and that's what matters most.

Their antics brought joy to many a child,
And their bond was admired by all who smiled.
Tom and Jerry, two unlikely friends,
Whose story never seems to end.

So here's to their friendship, may it always stay strong,
May it inspire us all, and help us get along.
For in a world where differences divide,
Tom and Jerry show us how to thrive.

© ItsArnold

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