The open feel at free mode
I was so worried , One day I came home with much expectation to see my big sister , but she didn't care about me ,I hope she was still busy looking at her work .I had my dinner the might, went to my room ,opened the door and without lights,I just sat on my bed ,thinking who I can meet or talk to someone ,took my blank which was not folded over my bad, pulled hard to put on ,something hold me staying, Hey, Don't worry, I am here ,Don't be scared, and just hugged me ,after the hugg ,I felt some thing is fat on top and widder as I feel .I touched something near me .Suddenly , hold my hand said, I am your sister how can you do this to me , I said why are you in my bed ,you can sleep somewhere out ,she said ok ,I will go out ,I said ,hey wait ,what are you upto and I just hold her body, I felt skiny she said Don't touch I am shy to show you you are big kid, I am going out bye ,I blocked her closing the door, kissed her and said stay here tonight she cover me in blanket and I didn't leave her till morning .
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