I can’t find the words
To put it right
But my mind is so loud
I don’t know how to keep it down

There is something that keeps me up at night
Makes me wonder
And jump through thoughts

It is the subject of love
Not the romantic one
The one that we all owe the world

By world I mean
Everything that breathes
Walks or feels

I mean our nature
I mean our people
I mean our animals

It upsets me
How it all is treated
As if we were incapable of love
When we should give it all of our hearts

Help that person you see crying on the road
Help that person you see struggling
Pick up that trash when it is in the wrong place
Dont walk on the green let the flowers grow
Help that stray you see under a trash can
React when you see something bad is happening

The world is us
We are all that we have
Make it a better place
Lend your hand
Plant your love
Don’t let people from the above
Ruin something that can be a place for us to call home

© amelia