The 20th Century Agony (Part 1)
Alfred Miller ( Father)
Caroline (Mother)
Laurel (Older Daughter of Alfred and Caroline)
Thomas (Younger brother of Laurel)
Harold Smith (A close family friend of the Millers)
Timothy Smith (Son of Harold)
Nazi Soldiers

The dining room was lit with bright candles. However, the atmosphere doesn’t seem good. It looked like something terrible had happened.

ALFRED: (on phone) Thank you! Thank you, Mr Arthur.
CAROLINE: What do they say?
ALFRED: (sighs) All plane lines are busy. So, we can’t be helped right at this moment.
LAUREL: (wails) Daddy! I want to leave this place.
(Loud banging on the door. ALFRED rushes to open it)
CAROLINE: (getting up from her chair) Harold! Where have you been?
Thomas: We thought that you must’ve been dead.
Harold: It is a bit typical.
ALFRED: What are you talking about?
Harold: The Führer has invaded Poland.
Caroline: That can’t be.
Alfred: What would happen now?
Harold: No body knows a thing.
Laurel rushes upstairs and packs all her belongings. Thomas follows.
Thomas: What are you up to?
Laurel: I am packing.
Thomas: For what?
Laurel: If Führer has invaded Poland. We could be the next.
(ALFRED enters the room)
ALFRED: Your sister is right. Go and pack your belongings as well.
(Thomas leaves)
ALFRED: I know it is difficult.
Laurel: What can we do? We can only pray to God.
(ALFRED sighs)
Laurel: Daddy… Don’t worry.
(Harold enters)
Harold: We are about to leave.
ALFRED: Coming…


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