The Addiction: Part Four
Rahul and Amrita informed the police about the duplicate key and how the duplicate key was used by those masked people of the videos to enter Madhubanti's room the night when Madhubantiwent missing. But the police did not have the actual key with them so they were not able to show that key to all the key makers of the city. Those masked people must have taken the actual key with them to not leave any trace. Rahul along with some police decided to go the studio of ABP Ananda to know about Madhubanti,particular about her activities before the night she disappeared.

Now in the dark room in some part of the city, there was a solitary light flickering in the room, the light was blinking at some intervals. The dim light was incapable of removing the darkness of the room. And right below that light source, the news anchor Madhubanti was there,she was blindfolded and tied to a chair.The light fell directly upon Madhubanti, highlighting her exquisite beauty. Her ebony hair cascaded down her shoulders in a silken torrent, as if framing her face in a halo of shadow.
But Madhubanti was perplexed and terrified.She knew that the gang had caught her but why their obsession with her long hair? Madhubanti was tired at her long hairplay by then but she had nothing to do as she was their captive. But although Madhubanti was all of furoius, terrified and perplexed, she still had a strange feeling about the gentle touching of her long hair by one of her captors(the man who was longing for Madhubanti in part two of the story). He displayed a tender care, stroking her hair with a reverence that seemed incongruous with his status as her tormentor. He parted her hair, weaving his fingers through its length, inhaling its fragrance as if it were the rarest of perfumes. Madhubanti's senses were equally confused and intrigued by his actions. Although she was their captive, subjected to unimaginable torment, she couldn't shake the feeling that this man harbored a secret longing for her – a longing intertwined with an almost reverent obsession with her hair.
Although they were torchering Madhubanti, Madhubanti felt that the particular man had a sense of longing towads her and her long hair because he could have harmed Madhubanti, but instead he gently pampered and smelled Madhubanti's long hair as if its some prized possession.

At some distance,some masked men and masked women were sitting on the floor,playing cards but at the same time keeping a watch on Madhubanti. One man said, "Oh, look at the beauty we have caught,even famous actresses will pale in front of her.Till now we all have seen Madhubanti reading news on TV,now we have her so close to us.I just cannot control myself, I want to enjoy her beauty just like one of our bosses was indulging in her long flowing hair. Even we all feel like touching and smelling Madhubanti'slong soft smooth hair."A chorus of low chuckles rippled through the group. 'She's like a doll,' cooed a woman, her voice honeyed but sinister. 'I can't resist running my fingers through her luscious hair. Just like one of our bosses did.' Another woman retorted "don't think that Madhubanti is young going by her looks. She is near about fifty and we have been instructed to hold her not to enjoy her beauty." Then they resumed playing cards.

At the ABP Ananda studio, the news anchors Bristi, Papiya, Sangita, Sukarna, Madhuri were present. Amrita is also an anchor at the same channel was already there. The police and Rahul started their interrogation. They all told them that Madhubanti was working on some secret from the days before her disappearance but she did not tell anyone anything even when they implored. But what took Rahul's attention was that Sneha and Sheela,the two new anchors were absent. The others told him that they had taken a holiday. "Both of them took holiday on the same day" muttered Rahul. Amrita had already told Rahul about her suspicion regarding those two. Rahul and the police officers went to a corner and he told them "We have to keep a watch on Sneha and Sheela. Also we have to meet Madhubanti's husband Saikat and her two daughters Riya and Mita when they come here. For now let's search the office thoroughly."