Part-3 Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi
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Rohan was still mumbling intermittently, striking his hands in the air.

Seeing his condition, Ishaan said, "You know what...looking at him, it seems like you won't be able to take him home alone. If you want, I can come with you."

Avantika: Oh, don't worry, Ishaan. You've already helped a lot...I'll manage from here.

Ishaan: (sarcastically) Yes, yes, I know you'll manage very well & you could have also handled him at the beach. I absolutely trust your strength, but , I request you to please let me help, give me two minutes...I'll bring some of my files from the Car.

Avantika: But how will you pick your car back ?

Ishaan: Don't worry...the owner of this café is my friend. I'll pick my car up in the morning on my way to the office.

Saying this, Ishaan went to his car to bring his files.

Then he sat on the front seat of Avantika's Car & both of them headed towards Rohan's house. Throughout the journey, they talked as if they had never been apart.

They continued to talk about their school days. Avantika mimicked some of the teachers, and , Ishaan recalled the funny incidents that happened with students, and both laughed heartily.

After about 35 minutes, they reached the building which Rohan lived in. Ishaan helped Rohan out of the car, and then the three of them took the lift to the 12th floor, where Rohan's flat was located. "Flat No. 122, Rohan Kashyap," read the door.

Avantika had an extra key to his flat, so she unlocked the door. Rohan's flat was very luxurious, with numerous antique pieces,autographed musical instruments, paintings, and whatnot.

They went inside, and took Rohan to his bedroom and laid him on the bed. Avantika removed his shoes and covered him with a blanket, gazing at his face for a while. Ishaan came out of the bedroom & waited for her in the drawing room.

Ishaan (in a subdued voice): The guy is rich, and his taste is quite unique too.

He first looked around the room's ambiance and then at Avantika, who blushed slightly knowing what Ishaan intended.

Avantika: Yes, that's true...but he is equally arrogant. (she said, feeling a bit dejected.)

Ishaan: (seeing the change in atmosphere of the room) Let's leave then...Unless you want to stay?

Avantika: No, no...let's go. He'll wake up straight in the morning. I have nothing to do here.

After locking Rohan's flat, they walked to the lift and then to the car. They didn't say anything until they sat in the car.

After getting into the car, Avantika asked Ishaan for his address, to which he replied,

Ishaan: "My flat is quite far from here... you'll be late if you drop me back. Why don't you drop me off at the nearby square? I'll take a cab from there."

Avantika: "Oh come on, why would you take a cab? You've helped me so much, and I can't even drop you home?"

Ishaan: "No, yaar, it's not that... It's already pretty late. I'll just take a cab."

Avantika: "Okay, fine... I understand that you don't want to cause any inconvenience to me. But my flat is just 10-minutes away from here. At least, you can have a tea or coffee at my home, right?"

Ishaan: "Avantika, I'll have tea or coffee some other time. It's okay."

Avantika: "No, Ishaan...You must come to my home. If you come, I'll feel better. And I also want you to meet my friend Naina."

Ishaan: "Alright, if you insist so much... But, yes, I'll not have coffee, I want tea with extra ginger,if that's okay." (Ishaan said with a smile)

Avantika: "Yes, of course... By the way, I make very good tea, just like back in Jabalpur. Once you taste it, you won't forget it."

Saying this, both of them headed towards Avantika's home. Avantika's flat was on the third floor. They reached the flat by the lift, and Avantika rang the doorbell.

Naina: "I'm coming... Who's there? Oh, madam, Thank God...you finally remembered your home. (She said, seeing Avantika) Where were you? What were you doing? I called you so many times. You have no idea how worried I was about you." (She said everything in one breath)

Avantika moved aside a bit, and Naina saw Ishaan, feeling a little awkward.

Naina: "Oh... Sorry...!! Who is this? (she asked Avantika)

Avantika: "I'll tell you, my love. But first let us come inside."

Ishaan gave Naina a slight smile. They both went inside. Avantika asked Ishaan to sit down. Naina still didn't understand what was happening, so she kept looking at Avantika.

Avantika: "Naina, meet my school friend Ishaan. Ishaan, this is Naina, my friend, colleague, and roommate." (They exchanged glances)

Naina: "Will someone tell me where you were... what happened?"

After that, Avantika told Naina everything in detail.

Avantika: "If it weren't for Ishaan today, God knows what would have happened."

Naina: "Thank you so much, Ishaan." (She said to Ishaan) "Avi, how many times have I told you to stay away from Rohan... but you never listen to anyone."

Avantika: (Making an innocent face) "I can't do anything jaan... I'm helpless because of my habit."

"Come on, you both sit and talk, I'll make tea," said Avantika, heading towards the kitchen.

Ishaan: "Tell me, Avantika... What was the reason that you started drinking coffee ?"

Avantika: "Oh come on, it's not like I started drinking something illegal. And don't you remember, I had mentioned that I developed the habit after coming to Mumbai. " (She said, avoiding Ishaan's gaze)

Ishaan: "It's not that easy to lie to a lawyer, Ma'am. We hear thousands of lies in the Court every single day. Come on, tell the truth..."

Naina: "I'll tell you..."

Avantika: "Naina... (Asking her not to speak anything ) what will you say...ha ha ha... there's nothing worth telling."

Naina: "Actually, Rohan doesn't like her drinking tea. That's why she stopped drinking it and started drinking coffee."

Ishaan: "Is it true, Avantika?"

Avantika: "............... let's forget all that. Today, I'll treat both of you to Avantika's Special tea."

After a while, Avantika brought tea and snacks...

Avantika: "Ta da... Tea, Tea...Hot tea, hot tea... Avantika's special tea...10 Rs. Sir, hot tea." (She said, imitating the tea vendors on trains)

Ishaan: "Excuse me Brother, is the tea strong?" (he was enjoying watching her act)

Avantika: "Of course, sir, it's strong. If you don't believe me, try washing your face with it..."

Ishaan: (laughing) "Okay brother, give me one tea." Avantika handed a cup to Ishaan and other to Naina.

Ishaan : (After tasting the tea) "I must admit, Avantika... Your tea reminds me of home."

Avantika: "I told you, didn't I... my tea is only destined for the lucky ones. So consider yourself lucky." (She said proudly) Hearing this, Ishaan smiled...

Naina: "By the way, how long have you two known each other? Were you two close friends?"

Avantika: "We studied in the same school, but we were in different sections."

Ishaan: "Actually, you can say different worlds.We weren't friends... but we knew each other. Sometimes we would talk. There would be some group activity or project work related discussions. I sometimes used to do her homework."

Avantika: "No, Ishaan, we must have had more interactions..." (Avantika said, trying to recall)

Ishaan: "Ha ha ha (Ishaan said sarcastically). Avantika's world was very different from ours. She was the Queen of the school. Captain of the Basketball team, President of the Drama Club, Head Girl of the school, and so on... And me... I was just an average good-for-nothing guy. The entire school revolved around her and she revolved around Rohan. And at that time, she wouldn't even talk directly to people like us."

Avantika: "How mean, Ishaan... I wasn't that bad." (She said nudging Ishaan)

Ishaan: "You wish...!! Okay, tell me, when was the last time you replied to my message?"

Avantika: "How would I remember that now... (She said, with an innocent expression)"

Ishaan: (Scrolled through his phone & showed it to Naina) "Look at this, 8 years ago. I sent her 5 messages, and she didn't even bother to reply after seeing them."

Avantika: "Okay, okay, sorry for being rude. Stop now, enough of criticizing me."

Ishaan: "Well, I don't mind, because if I were in your place, I would have had to have that much attitude too."

Ishaan shared many stories about their school with Naina... Some of them made Avantika feel embarrassed, while others made her burst into laughter.

It was almost 11 o'clock... Ishaan, looking at the watch, said it was time for him to leave. They hadn't realized how quickly time passed. Ishaan had booked a cab a while ago, which had now arrived at the location. Avantika accompanied Ishaan to the ground floor to see him off.


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