Murder Mystery
"Angelic, please tell Me the Story ?" asked the Homicide Detective.

"I discovered the Corpse of My Beloved hanging from the Hanging Tree during the Day after the Night of when We last explored Our Romance and during the same Day, Father spoke unto Me the following Words !" > "Retard Nigger Lover, You brought SHAME to the Family by SEXUALLY SATISFYING a Nigger Gal and so therefore, the Tiny One Room Dilapidated Nigger Slave Shack will be Your Home until You die and Retard Nigger, load the Bucket." <}

"I did not receive the Hundred and Ten Dollars of which I needed to receive for to prevent My Freedom License from becoming SUSPENDED and Father had My Horseless Carriage crushed and My
so-called Friends abandoned Me far from the nearest Town." "No Phone, no Computer, no Television, no Stereo, no Mail, no Visitors and a 1947 Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and a 1950 Bible was My only Books." "Non-Functional Stove across from the Tiny Non-Functional Refrigerator

To be continued again !

"Years later, Somebody was rapping on the only Entrance and Exit Door of the Wee One Room Dilapidated Shack and I decided to explore !" "Retard Nigger Lover, a Romance Novelist is on Her way to the Garden for to explore and Retard Nigger, I hope that You ain't lost that Key to the Golden Gate." "said Eric." "Retard Nerd Cowboy, Thy Fiancee often performs Oral Sex for Me and She shall never perform Oral Sex for Ye." "replied I."

"The Romance Novelist arrived !" "Eric while stroking within the Vagina of a Mare with a Fist of He and with a Forearm of He spoke unto the Romance Novelist the following Words !" > "This here Horse is the Finest Mare around these here Parts." "Angelic chose the name Beloved for the Horse." "She was Angelic's Horse before the Retard Nigger Lover became a Nigger by sexually satisfying a Nigger Gal." <} "Beloved is a Beautiful Name." "replied the Romance Novelist." "Eric replied with the following Words !" > "Beloved ain't no Beautiful Name." "Beloved is the Name of a Nigger Gal from a Nigger Movie." <} "Do You wanna ride out Yonder with Me to the High Cliff of which is near an End of the Cotton Field where there is a Hanging Tree of which was used for hanging Niggers soon after Ku Klux Klan Meetings within the nearest Southern Baptist Church back in the Good Old Days when America was great ?" "asked Eric." "Yea, I shall ride with Ye to the Hanging Tree and there is Three Americas of which is North America, Central America and South America." "replied the Romance Novelist." "And then Eric spoke unto the Romance Novelist the following Words !" > "I will ride Nigger Penis." "I love riding Nigger Penis." "Cowboys love riding Nigger Penis." <}

"Eric rode Nigger Penis while the Romance Novelist rode Beloved."

"During the next Day !" "I brought forth a fully prepared Picnic Basket." "said the Romance Novelist." "And perhaps We shall venture out to the High Cliff of which is near an End of the Cotton Field ?" "asked the Romance Novelist."

"You All please go out Yonder without Me and please be Gay ?" "asked Father." "And I will be so Gay to meet You All out Yonder for the Gay Adventure soon after I have picked some Gaywings for the Gaiety." "said Father."

"They arrived !" "Eric, Thou shalt bring forth the Blanket and I shall bring forth the Basket." "said the Romance Novelist."

"Eric, layout the Blanket over HERE." "said the Romance Novelist."

"Eric, open the Basket if Thou shalt venture to explore ?" "asked the Romance Novelist."

"Bit within Thy Throat by the Copperhead Serpent and I know that Thou art experiencing the Excruciating Pain." "said the Romance Novelist."
To be continued again !
Note for the Ending !

"How do You know what was said when You was not THERE ?" asked the Homicide Detective. "The Insect People communicated with Me TELEPATHICALLY while the Spaceship was cloaked." replied Angelic. "Please tell Me more about the Insect People ?" asked the Homicide Detective. "The Insect People appear to be Human but each Insect Person has a Highly Intelligent Insect Brain like the Brain of a Highly Intelligent Locust." replied Angelic.


© Jimmy Edward Dater