Maybe you can understand my helplessness

If I was selfish in our love,
You never forgive me,
I would fall into your gazes,
On one side we were both our family on the other side,
Our love was passionate but our relationship was raw,
It was a question of your father's life,
You had no idea how I lived every moment,
I had two ways, one to I leave you, to save your father's life,
The second will be yours forever by taking away the happiness of your family,
It was my helplessness that didn't always let me live,
I never wanted to separate you from your family,
I have never loved you falsely,
I had set my path aside,
I wanted to tell you, but you couldn't tell me because you never looked back,
But I am still standing on the same road,
Maybe you could have understood my helplessness or you could have tried to know.

If possible, forgive me and forget me like a dream.

#letter #breakup #love #family
© confusioncreate