Night view
Write a story based on this famous excerpt from The Night Slowly Came by Kate Chopin:

I am losing my interest in human beings; in the implication of their lives and their actions. Someone has said it is better to study one man than ten books. I want neither books nor men; they make me suffer. It is useless to try to know as much as a man. We all give more importance to the day and at night we only do sleeping work, Ever tried the mystery of the night?
We are afraid at night, but why? Because we are told that in the night, scary ghosts and demons come to kill us, But the truth is different.
When the night comes slowly, it is not completely dark, I will reveal the secret of tonight, I am sitting in a garden where there are many trees, Night is coming slowly, An air that spreads the scent of night-blooming jasmine, Who used to drag everyone else,
Firefly-like stars come on the earth. Does this scene happen during the day? Seeing such glow of night, all the tiredness of the day is erased, At night the stars are dusky, knowing that they are pointing, Sky became colored due to the glow of stars, The leaves are shaking from the wind, and some are also falling, I felt that someone is watching me but life thrives in the night, I saw it today,
There was a small white-colored and cute bat hanging on a lentil and looking at me. This relaxed scene will be seen only at night.
Gradually the cold wind started moving, Passing through my head, that wind rubbed my cheeks saying "Sleep now sleep".
Becoming my mother this night is making me sleep.
The night is not scary, just the thought of man is scary.
"When night comes slowly,
The stars also bring slowly,
The firefly shuddering slowly,"

As the importance of the day is, so is the greatness of the night.
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