Man who hope with Love: jealousy
Priya calls both of them but neither Dhaara nor Maanav picks up any phone.
Priya hurriedly goes to her house.

(a few hours later)

Maanav saw Priya's miss calls but ignored her.
Maanav then messaged Priya, "Say, what happened?"
On the other hand, Priya went to Dhaara's house to meet Dhaara,
But when the parents of Dhaara were at home, Priya did not say anything to Dhaara and started talking about other things and had gone to the washroom due to the toilet, only then Maanav message comes and sees Dhaara. She deletes Maanav's message. And where the mobile keeps the position as it was.
Priya comes out of the washroom and starts talking to Dhaara and her parents, Dhaara also behaves as if nothing happened at all. It was 9:00 in the night, so Priya had to go home, then Dhaara left Priya with her moped.
Priya goes straight home without mentioning anything.
The nature of Dhaara changes slightly as she did not want Priya to come close to Maanav beings.
Priya messages Dhaara, tomorrow is the birthday of Maanav, that's why I was calling you for since long.

Dhaara sees the message but calls at 11:30 in the night to wish Maanav a birthday.
Dhaara "Hello"
Maanav "Why speak so night?"
Dhaara " Miss You So Much, I Love You"
Maanav "love you too"

Maanav used to sleep on the other floor of the house, then his mother always used to come to see whether he slept or not,
Dhaara and Maanav were talking on the phone, then his mother feels that someone is talking but saying that she does not know but the voice was coming from the Maanav's room, then his mother of he approached the door.

Maanav rate said to Dhaara "Keep the phone on, my Mother may have come to see if I slept or not."
Maanav's mother goes down to sleep after a while.
No one is there when a Maanav sees the door.
Maanav starts to talk to Dhaara on the phone with the door closed,
Maanav "my mother was probably but now she is gone for sleep"
Dhaara"Happy Birthday You"
Maanav "Thank You"
Maanav and Dhaara continue to talk to each other for a long time.

On the other hand, Priya puts a phone to Maanav but he gets busy. She tries for a long time but Maanav's phone does not work.

Later Priya sends birthday wishes through messages and goes to sleep.

"No matter how deep a friendship is, but if jealousy arises amid friendship, that friendship is no longer useful"

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