what is Life and Life After Death?
It is my pleasure and privilege to write forward to this book, "What is life and life after death?"
Most of my time has been spent in engineering and working all these years.To be honest I was not aware of my writing capabilities until I met my friend Mr.Krishnamoorthy and Mr.Ambalam who encouraged me of writing this book, especially Mr.moorthy sir.
Of course, my family and my sweetheart, my wife Annie, helped me a lot. The contents are her thoughts and her simple knowledge of life, which I copied from her in this book form. Finally, I am thankful to all my friends and well wishers for my dreams to come true for writing this book. I hope this book will be great boon to mankind whoever reads understand and practice in their real lifespan. All that I have written in this booklet is all my suggestions to fellow beings,it is not advice to anyone,it is not necessary that you must follow,if you follow or not life will continue as usual.

What is life and its philosophy?

what is life? Life is what you make it. During my journey to different parts of the world, I came to know more about life and the living standard of the people of the world through different religion,languages and cultures. But one thing I notice is that everyone is afraid of God or Allah.

Life is a complex phenomenon that encompasses various aspects, including biological, psychological, and philosophical dimensions. From a philosophical perspective, the nature and meaning of life have been debated by philosophers for centuries.

Overall, the philosophy of life explores questions about the nature of existence, the meaning of life, and how individuals can find purpose and fulfillment in their lives. It is a deeply personal and subjective inquiry that has inspired diverse perspectives and interpretations throughout history.

What is God?

God is love.Even in day today, life you come across God by meditation you come across God.

There are 4 stages in life,one is the normal stage, the second is the dreaming stage, the third one is deep sleep, and the fourth is the absolute and unlimited stage.

People talk in normal stage,fight in normal stage, etc.In the dreaming stage, you are half conscious and half sleep, you sometimes keep on dreaming things which are impossible to achieve.Some you achieve and some you don't achieve.

The third stage is the deep sleep at this stage, where the soul goes? It goes to the creator. He sees what you have done day to day. He rectifies the mind or the soul and keeps the soul in the body where you awake up. If you don't follow the rectification the Satan will take you from beautiful earth.

The fourth stage is an absolute stage where it is difficult for a normal human to reach this stage.
A stage where full meditation is required, which can't be taught or studied. All you have to do is do it yourself, where you come to face to face with God and you know the realities of life.
The earth is hell for some and heaven for others, so earth is heaven and hell.There is no life after death.
The sun,the moon and the stars, and all the light that you can imagine in the entire universe are the fragments of that one great life that is within you.It is the light of the knowledge, the light of discrimination or difference, the light of understanding, the light of life and light of sharing love and to be loved.
The light of being you are.The light is like a ripple in the vast ocean of bliss or happiness. You urself are the small wave. You should always have confidence that the light of life really is with you.
Physics supports this physiology, which I studied in high school.It also says that life is like a particle like wave.There is nothing that is truly subject to death.The Bible,the Quran and the Vedas after this the universe goes into annihilation or End and it will return again. The sun,the moon, and the stars will shine again as before. Nothing dies, so we also don't die.
If God is everywhere, then what dies. The fear of death is one of our most fears.We all are afraid of the word "death" and don't want to face the truth that we all have to die.
why do we fear dying? Death itself is not painful.When we take our old clothes and put our new ones, we don't feel pain or fear.We are pleased to have a new shirt, but the thought of taking off our body brings fear.This is the way
world,You see a child dying, an old woman or the Oldman dying,your friend dying, and you say you don't "Believe in God."But it is not the act of God it is done by satin within you.
The soul goes to God, who never punishes anyone.If you did good things in life, he may put your soul on shelves, and if you did bad things, he may punish you by giving you rebirth as other animal.
But there is a last judgement which is carried out by him whether good or bad and even things done by secrets by you.Our bodies will return to dust on the earth & the breath of life will go back to GOD, who gave it to us. Hence, have & the breath of life will go back to GOD, who gave it to us. Hence, have respect for GOD & Obey his commands because this is all that man was created for.
Man is a supernatural animal. We can compare our bodies with the most modern mobile air-conditioned factory. Its building has a cement concrete structure & is built on pillars, legs that give it the movement required to move around. Its first floor, which is up to diaphragm, accommodates the nutrition producing plant, filteration plant & even sewage to throw out wastage like urine & stools. It also has a unique reproduction plant.
On the second floor of this human building, there is a non-stop pump, i.e.....Heart & and air controllers, which are the lungs.

Sleep is for eight hours, but death is a permanent sleep, which last year's say 1 year, 10 years or 1000 years also. The difference between different minds is the nature of your thoughts & your mind. If someone says that you are bad or have done something wrong, you accept it & you become bad.If you think of it, then you feel bad. You can not forget that thought. You want to forgive yourself, but you have a habit of retaining such negative thoughts.
Some people retain good thoughts & helpful thoughts & others retain negative & passive thoughts. Hence, in yoga, you should encourage positive thoughts & those thoughts that are not helpful should be discouraged on the path of meditation. You learn this process. for" GOD & Obey his commands, because this is all that man was created for."



Many people are interested to know what spiritual energy is.? But which they don't understand it. Spiritual energy is a concept that is often used to describe a non-physical energy or force that is believed to be present in all living beings and the universe as a whole. It is often associated with spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, and Reiki, where the goal is to tap into this energy for healing, enlightenment, or spiritual growth.

Different spiritual traditions and belief systems have their own interpretations of spiritual energy. For example, in Hinduism, spiritual energy is often referred to as prana, which is believed to be the life force that sustains the body and mind. In Chinese philosophy, a similar concept known as qi or chi is believed to flow through the body along energy pathways called meridians.

Overall, the concept of spiritual energy is used to describe a metaphysical force that is believed to have a profound impact on one's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.People think that they can accomplish the task of becoming Enlighten end outside the world, which is not true. First, of all you have to understand the people around you. You may be systematic in your practice, but you are very dry & harsh with others. They bother their family wife, children, relations etc... But at the same time, there are some who lovingly adjust their personal lives to attain Enlightenment in his lifetime. You should also have that determination, & then only you can lead a happy life.
Again, your partners fight against each other and become jealous of others because he is getting more business & you are getting less. If that is the case, then it is not spirituality. In spirituality, there is no jealousy, but there may be competition. If your partner in real life is more spiritual & you are also more spiritual than her, it is good for you. But to think your partner is spiritual & you are less spiritual is not helpful. It is negative competition in your life which you should avoid.
There is one important principle-Truth' which you want to use in all your life. This 'Truth' is injurious, hurting or harming others, which is also not correct. According to the Bible, there is a difference between love & truth. It is love you should practice first & then truth. Truth with love is vacant & and an empty experience in life.
There is no book in the world teaching you what love is? Actually speaking, love is killing, harming, or injuring you. That is true love means. So when you practice love, you should not go to the external world but practice with the nearest one whom you love most, i.e... your wife, because you took vows when you married her, When you have accepted somebody as your best friend with whom you can relate,speak, share & feel. Then, first practice not harming or injuring her. Here, where love is practice. Take a vow that whatever happens to you, you should not harm her. Sometimes, you mean something, but your partner feels something else. You are totally misunderstood. Never make your partner weak. You want her to lean on you & and make her weak, but that is not healthy practice.
Life & relationships are very close to each other, actually, speaking they are one & the same. If you are related to someone, it means somebody wants something from you or you want something from him. That is a relationship that means sharing. Relationships are not understood most of the time. When a relation becomes one-sided & demanding, then fight starts & you want to leave it. But, actually speaking, you can't live without relationships. They are necessary in life no matter in what position or capacity you serve, whether you are a priest, or ordinary man, or professional of the world of today. But you should learn that life is relationship & communication.
If you communicate & discuss, then only your thoughts in your mind come out, but not your behaviour. You should be able to communicate in such a way that your knowledge is shared & understood by people around you. It becomes part of education. You should learn to understand that the law of communication
should be shared with other, or else you are a failure. Communication is an essential part of the education that is practised first in home.
If the parents do not communicate well with the children, then the children have a problem to the last breath of their life. No one can help them even with the psychics' doctor or the medicine or the therapy because in childhood, the seeds are not sown properly.
So, when you have children, you have to go out of your way to change yourself. You are great teachers & you also have to learn something from them. Learn from them the humour & joy that GOD has given them when they were born & they are just like GOD. Kids all enjoy, like things which are valuable to you are invaluable to them & things that are valuable to them are invaluable to you. They built houses in sand. They do not care for your wealth, bank balance, intelligence, or the degree certificates you have received from colleges & universities.
They are in joy & they are happy. They are better than you in everything. In short, you are attached to your family. You call it love no it is not true. It is selfish & attachment. In love, you give & and attach the attachment you take. There is a vast difference between having & giving. Those who learn to give are lovers & those who learn to receive are beggars.
Actually, you expect too much from the world. There are two worlds, the world created by you & and the world you are in. What creates a problem is the world created by you, by your family & relationship. Somehow, in the past, you expected the future. Try to adjust this world, which will not create a problem for you. You are a human being; you have the power, knowledge& and everything.
Instead, you waste your energy calling GOD, expecting to solve your problems created by you.
Again, you expect something from your wife also. Expectation is the mother of all misery in real life. So, expectation with nothing will lead to happiness. Share, enjoy & give free to each other whatever you have, then only the formula of love works. The moments you expect, then you start calculating & then you are frustrated. Then you go to another woman & again you get frustrated & lead to divorce. Neither the east nor the west will make you happy. No one is happy. the only one who is within is happy. One who is within understands what the concept of real happiness is.
You experience pain or joy. But beyond this joy, there is another joy called mental joy & beyond that there is spiritual joy & Lastly, absolute joy. So try to reach there, that is the source of silence. You can call it GOD or Allah, anything that you think is correct. But you may be merely pushing away some realities that you want to forget. You may be searching for a GOD or a good partner. If this particular is fulfilled, will you be happy. No, still, you are not happy. Even if you fully yourself, you still need something throughout your life. You go on adding fuel to the fire, which creates only smoke but no fire.



Stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organisms that can divide & differentiate into diverse specialized cell types. There are two types of stem cells- embryonic stem cells & adult stem cells that are found in various tissues. Embryonic stem cells based on tissue engineering may help to repair damaged tissue. The healthy pulp of deciduous teeth is a rich source of stem cells. Medical researchers believe that stem cell therapy has the potential to dramatically change the treatment of human disease. A number of adult stem cell therapies already exist, particularly bone marrow transplants that are used in the treatment of leukaemia.
Scientists, for centuries, have known that certain animals can regenerate missing parts of their bodies. Humans share this ability with animals like the starfish. Although humans can not replace a missing leg or a finger, our bodies are constantly regenerating skin, blood & other tissues. Experiments conducted in the olden times with bone marrow established the existence of stem cells as powerful cells that allow us to regenerate some tissues. This led to the development of bone marrow transplantation, a therapy now widely used in all medical applications.
Every cell in the human body can be traced back to a fertilized egg that came into existence from the union of an egg & a sperm. The human body is made up of not just one but over 200 different types of cells & all of these cell types come from a pool of stem cells in the early embryo.
It is unspecialized cells that develop into special cells, which in turn make up the different types of tissues in the human body. During the period of early development as well as later in life, various types of stem cells give rise to specialized or differentiated cells, such as the skin, blood, muscle & nerve cells, which carry out the specific function of the body.
It undergoes cell division when it is called into action& forms multiple cell types. A single stem cell, when transplanted within the body, completely performs a particular tissue. Research shows that, on comparison, new stem cells are able to multiply & make repairs, more than older ones such as those existing in ageing bodies. The availability of newborn stem cells such as those we offer makes the body maintenance processes much more active. As damaged cells are identified by the immune system& are then replaced by circulating stem cells, dangerous conditions such as cancer are likely to be prevented. In fact, stem cells can be considered the ultimate preventive health measures.

Stem cells differ from other kinds of cells in the body. It's unspecialized, i.e.it does not have any tissue specific structures that allow it to perform specialized functions. It can not work with its neighbours to pump blood through the body. It carries molecules of oxygen through the bloodstream.
It fires electrochemical signals to other cells that allow the body to move or speak. It is capable of dividing & renewing themselves for long periods. It can give rise to specialized cells.
It is found in all human beings from the early stages of human development to the end of life. There are different types of stem cells like Embryonic, Adult, etc... It is the primal cells found in all multicellular organisms. They are unspecialized cells that develop into the specialized cells that make up the different types of tissue in the human body. They are vital to the development, growth, maintenance & & repair of our brains, bones, muscles, nerves, blood, skin & other organs. Scientists are using it to study basic processes of embryological development, including the processes that lead to genetic disease & abnormalities. Its research & its application hold scientific & medical promise.
In closing, the potential uses for stem cells seem endless. The technology requirement of human reproductive cloning is possible in the near future. Our scientists are sitting in a round table with the rest of humanity together. They face these very difficult moral & ethical concerns that touch the essence of life itself, i.e....the stem cells.



In the beginning of the world, was a word & the word was god. If you studied all the scriptures of the world & its philosophy of the evolution of this universe, they explain many things & then stop.
So, our forefathers discovered in deep silence those words that are called "Unspoken Words" or "Soundless Sound".
All the great traditions use three main focal points for the concentration of a sound or a set of words or light. When you consider sound. There are three categories-First, sound used in prayers, second is used in your thoughts & lastly, the sound used to call "Allah" or "GOD".
When you consider a set of words. Then, if you are completely inclined to words or in Koran or in the bible, it will lead you to nowhere.
And lastly, light, but with light does not lead you to silence, sound leads to silence. That is why our forefathers choose sound instead of light as the first choice for concentration even though light travels faster than sound.
Artificial lights & images create barriers for you; they do not allow you to see the real light. Hence, our teachers told us, "The Jar of Life is covered with something that is glittering like a smile, but dazzling light blinds us."
These lights are so powerful that we can not see the truth. Therefore, we seek to remove this lights.So, the first job is to remove the artificial lights & you should learn to create darkness for yourself so that you can see real life. The same is true with sound & the original sound to another sound. Etc...
The sound of science can heal you. A good teacher is like a good doctor, who knows what the student is lacking or what he wants? All are levels like mental level, the physical level, the emotion level, or the four 's levels like sex,sleep,sustenance (food & drink) & survival (continue to live). The teacher understands all. A good teacher will give a sound philosophy according to the diagnosis of the student. In meditation, the science of sound helps one to attain stable position & finally, beyond that achieve a stature level or Samadhi.
To attain all this practice is required at the extreme level. Nothing in the world is impossible because I'm possible for everything if you believe in God Almighty & practice his principles because he is the man who brought you to this world. You should be thankful to him for every moment you exist in this world & see what you see around you. Treat each human being as your brother & sister & enjoy the beautiful aspects of the world you are in.
Daily prayers should be conducted jointly by all members of the family with the Father, the head of the home next to the Lord. The mother is the heart of the family & all matters good or bad regarding the family matters should be discussed through her. Remember, after death, the Lord will guide us on the way to another world.
Even the place you live has great significance on your life cycle. In olden times, people used to give much importance to "VASTU," a place where you lived. The spiritual energy you attain from the moon as affect on the human body if the house is not properly designed & lived. The kitchen should always face the southeast of the house. Likewise, the bedroom should be in the south, dining room in west, bathroom in the east, prayer room in the northeast, etc... If the house is not properly designed & lived in, you may get sickness like back pain, rheumatism, cancer, etc... Which are difficult to cure & your lifespan is reduce.
All planets in this universe influence the bio-rhythm of every human being when he is born on this Earth until his death. More details you can obtain from "The Web of Vastu" on the internet.
Even the place of worshipped like the Mosque, the Church, the Temples should be properly designed for the location & the site of holy place dwellings. It affects our lifespan on Earth. It is believed that we have nine lives of indifferent earths of different universe. So, we should live happily ¨ happily on this planet.
Finally, you should practice "YOGA" in which two aspects are there. One is "THE MASCULINE POWER" & and the other is "THE DYNAMIC or ENERGETIC or CREATIVE POWER", which is your mother from where all of you are born. All your matter, mind, life is created by her. When the "THE MASCULINE POWER meets THE CREATIVE POWER," you are born in this world of today. In "YOGA," the mind controls the body perfectly. If your mind works well, your body should be able to express what your mind wants. This perfect co- ordination exists between mind & body in yoga. Also, you know that "YOGA or EXERCISE" is a union of" INDIVIDUAL SOUL with the COSMIC SOUL or THE WHOLE UNVERSIVE".
Ideally, your mind should control your body perfectly: if you want to cry, your body should cry; if you want to smile, your body should do it immediately. If your mind works well, your body should be able to express whatever your mind wants. Then perfect coordination exists between body & mind. To have perfect health, one needs coordination between many things: nutrition, digestion, elimination & regeneration. A well coordinated body is a healthy body. Sometimes, people seem to be healthy, but they are not actually well coordinated. A body that is not coordinated is unhealthy & sick.
After reading all this, you will understand what "FIRE & LIGHT" is? Which is one & one only? You awake from the "FIRE" & the knowledge you attain is "THE LIGHT of the WORLD or THE LIGHT of KNOWLEDGE 'or THE LIGHT of DISCRIMATION or THE LIGHT of UNDERSTANDING & THE LIGHT of LOVE & KNOWLEDGE." You need both "FIRE & LIGHT" to pass to another world.



All what I have written is my own Experience & many encounters I have passed since the day I was born & from Zero Knowledge to the Knowledge I develop through my will power & practice which I have undergone in this life. For me, nothing is difficult or impossible. If everything is considered difficult, then what is easy? "DIFFUCULT & IMPOSSIBLE "is the concept of limitation of the human mind. You have the capacity to explore the many dimensions & totality of you mind, you should not turn back but keep on going through meditation, which requires no qualification at all.
Achieving happiness of the mind can be a deeply personal journey, as what brings happiness can vary greatly from person to person. However, there are some general strategies that can help promote mental well-being and increase feelings of happiness.

1. **Practice Gratitude:** Cultivating a sense of gratitude for the positive aspects of your life can help shift your focus away from negative thoughts and enhance feelings of happiness.

2. **Mindfulness and Meditation:** Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to respond to them in a more balanced and positive way.

3. **Engage in Activities You Enjoy:** Doing things that you find enjoyable and fulfilling can boost your mood and overall sense of well-being.

4. **Build Meaningful Relationships:** Maintaining strong and supportive relationships with friends and family can provide a sense of connection and belonging, which are important for mental health.

5. **Take Care of Your Physical Health:** Physical health and mental health are closely linked, so taking care of your body through regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep can help improve your mood.

6. **Practice Self-Compassion:** Be kind to yourself and practice self-compassion. Treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding that you would offer to a friend.

7. **Set Realistic Goals:** Setting and working towards achievable goals can provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment, which can contribute to feelings of happiness.

8. **Seek Professional Help if Needed:** If you're struggling with your mental health, don't hesitate to seek help from a mental health professional.

The happiness of mind can be achieved by stopping all unnecessary worries; it will be observed that in nature, nobody worries for the future. If a list is made, it will be found that most of them are unnecessary & could be avoided.
Everybody should take interest in others & in literature, music, art; sports etc... Then love all beings & be friendly with them. To give is Divine & to earn a living honestly is Human. To snatch others' property & cause pain to others in the body, by words or even mentally, is a sin.
We are all humans. To know yourself, you do not have to renounce, but you must learn to adjust so that you can be content here in his lifetime. Spirituality is not the property of any culture, religion, sect.colour, or sex: anyone who aspires, desires, determines, & practices will attain it.
As we grow from childhood onwards, in the end, there is called death. Death is a point of growth. Though a parting day, death actually is a wedding day, when separation is not really separation but rather leads you to fresh, glorious hope that is called life hereafter. The wise do not mourn, remain afraid or worry, for death is an essential part of growth: it is a must. Aspirants should remember that a day is bound to come when they will have to part from this world &they should be prepared.
Now, if you devote some time to understand the mysterious of death, lifehere & hereafter. It is very simple, providing one decides to fearlessly examine & explore the finer dimensions of life & end of life. Then there are nine major points to remember which are as follows:
Firstly, you should get up in the morning and pray to the Lord to provide the day to see.
Secondly, meditate for a few minutes by speaking to yourself, so your mind will be ready for it. Thirdly, your body should be still, so your mind is free to mediate.

Fourthly, your breath holds be controlled so that both body & mind are calm.
Fifthly, you should develop a will powerful that you can do it, yes you can do it, and I must do it. Sixthly, you should learn to develop how to remove the disturbing or negative thoughts to go out of your mind.
Seventhly, you should develop cultivating thoughts that will be useful to people around you.
Eighthly, you should learn to understand the people around you & develop thoughts beneficial to mankind.
Lastly, you should learn to give all what you have. Don't expect anything from anyone because you are a visitor to this earth, Naked you come & naked you go.
May the grace of the Lord be with everyone and the light of the world is you.
Let the Grace of Lord be upon you for reading this book.

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