the find of a mummy after so many centuries
The discovery was mind blowing by most standards. I mean who unearths an Egyptian mummy after so many centuries?
"Dr.Hima! "
I turn surprised by my assistant's shout. His wide, frightened eyes stare back at me. "What is it, Ron?"
He points at the corner of the mummy's coffin. "That's dried blood, Dr. I think there's someone else in there with that mummy." I feel a chill run down my spine as I cautiously approach the coffin. As I shine my flashlight into the dark corner, my heart stops. There, lying beside the mummy, is another body. It is shriveled and decayed, but unmistakably human.

My mind races with questions. Who is this person? How did they end up in the coffin with the mummy? And most importantly, how did they die?

I quickly call for the authorities and forensic experts to come and investigate. As they carefully remove the body from the coffin, we discover that it is a young woman, her face frozen in a look of terror.

The mystery deepens as we uncover evidence that she was alive when she was placed in the coffin with the mummy. It appears that she was buried alive, a sacrificial offering to accompany the mummy into the afterlife.

As the truth of what happened all those centuries ago begins to unfold, I am left in awe of the ancient rituals and beliefs of the Egyptians. The discovery of the mummy and the young woman will forever change the way we view history and the mysteries of the past.

But as I stand there, surrounded by the relics of the past, I can't help but feel a sense of unease. The thought of being buried alive, trapped in darkness for eternity, haunts me. And I can't shake the feeling that perhaps, just perhaps, the spirits of the mummy and the young woman are not at rest, and that their story is far from over.
© Juan the Don Blaze