How one man warped the minds of a Nation
Following the nation’s debates has never been easier. Just log into the relevant social media, and throw yourself into the mercy of the beast. I don’t mean the other people, but the media itself. The beast will have his pound of flesh and you will find yourself dancing to the latest TikTok tune.

I have written elsewhere about the tonalities of different social media. It remains interesting to check what kind of conspiracy theories pass through YouTube censorship, what thru Reddit filters and what is kosher in TikTok this week.

But it seems, that somewhere along the line we apparently wandered through the looking glass. At some point conspiracy theories turned from fringe to mainstream offering. That idiot, senile uncle in family gatherings suddenly seem to have valid points. Science, logic, proof and truth are now the red-haired bastards, being kicked around the schoolyard. I forgot, there is no schoolyard, now that everyone is in quarantine. A day doesn’t go by without all major news outlets are trying to disprove one conspiracy theory or other.

When dealing with cults and conspiracies, the rules of debate don’t matter. You can’t win an extremist in a debate, because they don’t fight fair, or even pretend to. They use every trick in the book just to broadcast their message. There will be no search for truth or common ground. It is the perennial fight between a boxer and dog racer; nobody knows or even cares who won, but somebody is bound to get hurt and covered in dogshit. That’s entertainment, folks!

And that seems to be the missing ingredient at the moment; There is no actual search for the truth. We are locked in a deathly spiral of constant fact-checking. As if there was any question about the veracity of TrumpTruth. There is absolutely no need for fact-checking. After the first, say, 10 000 lies, it should be fairly obvious that this specimen speaks for entertainment value only. He is not even attempting to argue or debate. He is just spitballing without any semblence of responsibility.

It started in USA. People were force-fed 19 000 lies. Every man, woman and child. And all came from one man. That is a massive attack to anyone’s world-view. One sub-par, overweight, sick, old, cynical, orange, cheating, Ugly American confabulist, and the most powerful men in the country feel forced to explain how black is white today. Day after day after day. It starts to warp even the sanest people.

Then it started to spread. In this global digital village there are no walls, except the ones Trump makes. Which are expensive and worthless. Or, in NuSpeak, the best Wall in the world. And it works against infections too!

UK, Canada, Japan and Mexico had to pretend that they saw the emperors clothes too. House of Saudi, Putin and Kim said it just for shits and giggles. And Brazil, Hungary and Turkey quickly donned on their best Fake Furs and played to imitate the star with gusto seldom seen outside America’s Got Talent.

So now we are all in it. Playing pretend to avoid global meltdown. A worse global meltdown.

A brief reminder how we got here. It’s been a bit crazy, don’t you think? First it was the war against the climate research (well, that was partly their own fault). Then the war against Muller-report. We all waited to hear the truth. Insted we were forced to read the truth and listned to Barr lying.

Then Khashoggi-murder. Everybody knew that MBS ordered the killing, but nobody said it to his face. Then we had to watch live-TV lying bonanza a’la Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court Judge. We learned that he likes beer. Oh how we laughed! A woman was interrogated at the same time. Guilty as hell! For something. Don’t. Really remember.

Micheal Cohen was allowed to tell the truth, as long as he admitted being a professional lier, not a lawyer for Trump. Even though he was both.

Trump was trying to shake down Ukraine. But it was a perfect call and if he did, so what? We do it all the time!

Now, do you think there is a Pandemic? WHO lied there is, but but they didn’t tell Trump. But he knew, he knew that there is. Or rather, that there isn’t. But no matter, he was the first to say it. And that’s why it miraculously vanished.

And then it obviously didn’t. Because it’s a hoax against him.

Pandemic? NoYesNo! We have tests but don’t; We have cure but it kills you; COVID is not serious but 15 may die, or 2.5 million or 60 000 or 250 000.

But don’t worry, we the people are going to vote him out come November….

Are kidding me!! Haven’t you learned ANYTHING during the past 3 years?? You mean you are trying to beat Trump by playing by the rules? Good luck with that. You lose. In fact, you have already lost by even preparing for an election.

You want the truth? Well…

You CAN handle the truth!

Do you remember the good old days? When we waited to see Trump impeached for paying off a porn star? We laughed and laughed! The idiot! He won’t survive more than a month in the White House.

Now we are worried for the future of our Civization. I Haven’t laughed in months.

After being forced to suspend your disbelief daily for three years, you will now need to reclaim your right to think. No need to argue against anyone else. Wipe the dirty slate clean, and build upon facts.

Remember? There are unassailable truths and rights, that we hold self-evident. Like freedom. Man’s word. The law.

Come on, lets go.

What are you waiting for?

Trump to be punished for crimes against humanity? Just ignore him. He is not real. Neither is Trump’s power. It’s just a dream of a sick mind, not reality.

Wake up!

Time to start the real fight. First ignore all that is not real.

© Lord Kvakku