Dream girl (part 1)
​A boy with black hair, black eyes age Is 16 named Kevin Hart. His parents run a company named Isss Company. His father was dead at his 13. He don't like to run the company. he doesn't like to do anything. He has no interest in anything.

His mother went very sad after seeing her son like this at this age. She managing the company alone and He didn't go to any trip and doesn't enjoy anything. He doesn't have a girlfriend or a crush at his age.

His mother even took him to a doctor to check him. Nothing change.
One day he had a dream. A Girl with a blonde hair in a white dress show up in his dream and said,

Dream girl: Who are you?

Kevin: Who are you? It is my dream.

Dream girl: Oh, but you don't have a single dream yet your claiming that this is your 'dream'.

Kevin show a little disappointed face. Then get a little angry. Then ask,

Kevin: Anyway, who are you? I cant see your face clearly.

Dream girl: I know. When you started to have a goal in life and dream to pursue then only you can see me.

Kevin: I Don't need to see you then.

Suddenly a sound rings. He wake up. He realizes that it was only a dream. Then get ready himself and had breakfast and left to school.

In school he has only one friend name John Verna. He didn't study that much. He didn't go to any activitys and even if someone bullied him, he cry and left. he will not do anything. The students were beating him and he started to cry.

Then teacher Karin came with test papers. Then she give papers to every students and call Kevin at last and said,

Miss karin: Kevin, how did you do that? (with excitement)

The students look confused.

Miss karin: Listen students. Kevin is the only one who get 0 marks in every test. He didn't write a single word in his paper. Kevin if don't want to come to school then don't come.

The teacher angrily said that and left the class. The bully students came and smack a box at his face. His friend can't do anything.

Bully student: A student with no dream is useless.

Everyone laugh at him.

After school he came back to home. His mother was busy at work. He cry so hard. Then clean his face. Then went to eat dinner. His mother saw his head and ask him,

His mom: What happen to your head? Aee you all right?

Kevin: I just fell from steps.

He finishe his dinner and left without saying. His mother was so worried that he even talking to her like this.

After he went to his room he fall on his bed top and close his eyes. Again dream flowing in his head.

Dream girl: What happen to you?

Kevin: Nothing.

Dream girl: This is not the real world. You don't need to lie this hard. Tell me.

Kevin started to cry in his dream.
In the real world his mom rub his cheek and kiss his forehead.
In the dream world. He tell everything to the dream girl.

He can't see her face. So he don't know what is her face expression. She rubs his cheek with her hand and place it at his shoulder and said,

Dream girl: Who said you don't have a dream?

Kevin: Did i have any? (asks with a tearful eyes).

Dream girl: Isn't this your dream world? Isn't me your dream girl? Then how come you don't have a dream?

Kevin look at the girl with a sparkle eyes. Then he smiles a little and said,

Kevin: Yes. I don't think about this before but i want to see your face.

Dream girl: Ahh, look you have goal now.

Kevin: What goal?

Dream girl: To see my face. Isn't that your goal now?

Kevin put a smirk in his face and look at her then ask,

Kevin: Kind of. What should I have to do to see your face?

Dream girl: Simple. Tomorrow you have test right?

Kevin: Yes. Don't tell me...

Dream Girl: Yes. You have to get full marks in the test by studying hard.

Kevin: But it was tomorrow. How can study like that?

Dream Girl: Do you think I don't know anything about you? I know you already studied everything and at the exam you know the answers for every question, but you didn't write anything.

Kevin face felt in surprise and shock. Then he put a smile and ask her,

Kevin: Then i can't hide anything from you,right?

Dream Girl: Yes. Go study.

Kevin: ah.

Suddenly the alarm rings he woke up but he still want to talk to her. He try to sleep again, but he can't and dream doesn't come.
Then he get ready to school and went to eat breakfast his mother is there and ask,

His mom: Kevin, your teacher call me and said if you don't want to go to school today don't have to force yourself.

Kevin: No. Today i must go to school and write the test.

His mom: Your teacher told me that you got 0 in every single test from the school starting.

His mom show a worried and hopeless look in her face and thought that he was going to say something like"i don't like to write that things" or like "you don't have to middle in my business " but, Kevin look at his mom and thought something and said,

Kevin: Don't worry mom. I will not act like a useless boy anymore. I have goal now

Then he left the hall and took his bag and said "i am going to school " and he left. But,

His mother face is full of surprises and excitement. She was again in a full confidence that her son will be a great man in the future and help her.

When he entre the class the bully's started to tease him and one boy try to beat him, suddenly kevin grab his hand and said,

Kevin: Don't play with me like this again, Hendry. If you want got more mark then me in this test i do anything you say.

Everyone started to laugh then hendry say "lets see". The test starts. His teacher Helen though that he will sleep after seeing the paper but, Kevin writing answers to every single questions and finish the test before everyone.

The teacher get papers From every student and left. The bully students came to him and said,
Hendry: Don't worry. I will not ask you to kneel even if you got 0.

Everyone started to laugh at him and teasing him. But he didn't take any of this serious. His friend look worried about him. After school finish they walking to home his friend ask,

John: Why did you do that?

Kevin: I have a goal in my life now.

John looks so surprised and ask him with a excitement,

John: What?

Kevin: I want to see my dream girl face.

John doesn't understand anything he said and ask, 'what?'

Kevin: I have a dream in this two days and a dream girl appear in my dream and said if i have dream and goal i can see her face. So my goal is to see her face.

John get it what he is saying and say a "bye" and went to his house. Kevin went to his house and study and change his dress and ready to eat.

His mother is waiting for him to come to dinner. He looks a little bit surprised to see his mom at dinner. She is always busy but what he said in the morning make her so happy.

They ate dinner together without saying anything but his mother looks so happy and he went to his room and lay in his bed and closes his eyes.

Dream again,

Kevin: Why did I wake up so fast? (with a confused look).

Dream girl: Because it is a dream world. One minute in this world may take 10 or 15 minutes in real world or maybe 1 hour.

Kevin: I wrote the exam very well. Why i can't see your face?

Dream girl: One day isn't enough. Why don't You learn how to fight? then the bullys can't bully you again right?

Kevin: Right.What if they said i cheat at test?

Dream girl: Tell them to ask you questions and answer them.

Kevin: Yes. That make sense. Hey, what is your name?

Dream girl: I can't tell you. It is a secret.

Kevin: Then how can i call you?(confusion)

Dream girl: Right. Then call me sofi. That's my nickname.

Kevin said"ok" with a big smile and suddenly she pushes him. He woke up. He smiles and said again"sofi" and get ready to school and eat breakfast. His mother is looking at him with a smile fulk of hope.

He suddenly ask her,

Kevin: Mom, i want to learn fighting.

His mother face is full of sparkles with a bright smile she said, "i tell you tonight, ok". He nods his head and left. Her mother is so happy to see his son interested in something.
She call her secretary and tell him to find all the best gym, club, and centers to learn fighting.

He went to school and as usual the bullys started to tease him and laughing at him. But he didn't cry today. When the teacher enter the class everyone get silent and looking at the papers seriously.

When giving the paper even the teacher is very surprised, the teacher said,

Mam helen: Look everyone, the first mark at this test is 100 and Kevin is the only one who took first mark.

Everyone get shocked and look at him with a surprised eyes. No one can say a single word. Especially hendry who make a bet. Hendry stands up and ask,

Hendry: What if he cheat at this test?

Kevin: Then ask me questions and i answer your all questions.

Everyone nods their head and question him one by one in the question paper. He answered every single question even without a spelling mistake. Everyone looks surprised and clap their hands for him.

The teacher prices him so much. At that time kevin felt so happy and encouraged. After the teacher left. Everyone compliment him and look hendry.

Hendry: Say, what do you want?

Kevin: Nothing, just don't bully Me and john again.

Hendry looks a little surprised and nods his head. Every teacher came to his class taking about him. Tomorrow every teacher put a test to everyone.

After School he tell john about the dream. Then he went to home. He get change and ready to eat. His mother looks so happy. Because the teacher call her and said everything.

Mom: Son, I look about it. Boxing, karate, Kung Fu, these are popular right now. What do you want to learn? I select very good academy for you.

Kevin: I want to learn all the three.

His mother get shocked with surprise and very happy. She even don't know what to say. She said,"good, get ready tomorrow, evening ".

He nods his head and left. He went to his bed and lays down and closes his eyes, dream again.

Sofi came and he tell her about everything and how happy he felt at that time. He don't know before how the feeling of happiness feel. Now he is so happy.

Kevin: This feeling is great. I love it.

Sofi: Do want to happy for life long?

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