The Circus Mystery (My introductory prose to Writco after a break)
The Ringabel circus was one of the most famous circuses in the town, it had won countless prices for its jaw-dropping performances. They had been given the "The Best Entertaining Form of Act" award by the mayor during their most recent performance in the town hall. It was a golden belt, symbolising how prestigious thier circus was. The president of the circus thought it would be an awesome idea to showcase their award in their upcoming act in the northern part of the town. His assistant sarcastically agreed, he didn't enjoy the idea of showcasing your award just for the pure sense of heroic achievement and pomposity. The circus was settled in a huge field that was owned by the president, he indeed was a rich man. Each member was alloted a seperate caravan to stay in and practice. It was a huge group of animals, performers and managers. The award was located in a caravan, situated in the centre of the whole vicinity. What was to be expected from a man with such great pride in his achievements. One morning, the president went to check in on the award to recount his successes to a group of irriatated managers who had come in for a meeting. However, his hopes of that boastful conversation soon shattered when a greiveing shok struck him, the award was missing!! He immediately called upon his assistant to complain about the disappearance of the golden belt, a token proving his greatness. The assistant had known a detective amongst his friend circle and suggested he would be a good choice in this distressing situation. The detective, who housed in the same town arrived at the scene 30 minutes later. He informed the president to not mention this to anyone besides the assistant and him and then promptly began his investigation. He knew he had a great deal of responsibility as time was limited, the show was in three days. He began by questioning the crew members of the circus, he first went into the ballerina's caravan. She was shock-struck hearing the news and mentioned, "I was discussing my outfit with the show manager and costume designers yesterday night and then continued to practice for the performance, and today morning, I was with my co-performers in their tent" the detective nodding his head left the tent and proceeded onto the butler's caravan. "Yesterday, after the night's dinner, I was busy with washing the dishes and then immediately went to bed as I was really tired, today morning I was up the earliest cooking breakfast for the others in the cookng area" the butler exclaimed in shock. The detective repeated the same gestures and exited to move onto the clown's caravan. The detective questioned emotionlessly, "The award has been missing since the morning, where were you when this happened?" The clown's face flushed red, so red that his dark red clown nose looked dull compared to it. He said, "I was..writing..in my journal till late night yesterday, and then today, I was preparing my equipment for my practice today." The detective nodded again, the clown asked in a whisper, "Why didn't you tell us, sir?" sternly, the detective nodded negatively at the president and forbade him from answering the curious clown. The clwon scowled at the president and turned around to get back to his business. As the crowd of investigators and companions turned around to leave, the helper boy came in with a big box of tools. The detective looking up at his sudden appearance asked, "Do you know anythign about it?" the helper boy quickly kept down the box and said in a hurried manner, "I came back from town late night yesterday since I was out buying specific tools not found here, I woke up late this morning and started gathering equipment to deliver to everyone for their performances, I must go now, I'm in a terrible hurry, so much work, so less time!" The detective nodded and left the caravan with the others following behind him closely. The detective then turned around to the president and asked him what he was doing at the time of the theft. The president, with anger on his nose, retorted, "You are asking me if I stole my own award??" The detective smiled and said, "It's my job, now state the truth and the truth only" the presdeint looking down with certain irritation said, "I was reviewing the budget with y assistant in the night, and the first thing I did this mornign was take my managers to show the award." The detective looking up at the bright, blue sky said quietly, "I know who it is.." everyone shocked began questioning him about it.
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