Enemies to Lovers
A new chapter of my school life, a new school. I've only just moved here (a day ago) because my dad found a new job and here I am staring at the huge school building with grey brick walls and a huge entrance. I've never liked being new. It makes me feel out of place, like I don't belong here but I’ll get used to it. I pull my soft,cream cardigan down and look at myself in the glass of the bus stop. Taking a deep breath, I clutch on the straps of my school bag and head inside, Here we go.

People are cluttered everywhere in crowds, some at their lockers,some talking, some walking past me and so on. I look at the timetable I was given and see I have English first in C11, where is that? I guess I’ll have to figure it out myself. After what feels like forever I finally find the classroom, everyone’s just about sat down so I guess I'm a bit late. Opening the door, a young teacher with golden blonde hair looks at me “You must be the new student”, she says smiling. “Yes , I am”, I say in a small voice, my cheeks turn a bit pink. “You can take a seat over there” she says pointing to a chair in the far left of the classroom. “Ok” I reply and head to the chair. Sitting on the chair, the two girls next to me turn to face me.”Hi, I’m Layla”, says a girl with brown, long hair. “ And I’m Ella”, exclaims the other girl with short blonde hair. “Hi I’m Mika, I've just joined here”, I say. “Your name is very unique, I've never heard it before” , says Ella. “Thanks,” I replied. “Let's be friends,” says Layla in a cheerful voice. “Ok!”, I say smiling. I’ve never made friends that quickly, maybe this year will be fun- I think.

The school bell chimes indicating it’s lunch time, Layla grabs my wrist and takes me to the lunch benches, Ella follows. Sunshine shines on my face and a gust of wind makes my black fringe move, we’re sitting on a white table outside. The place is filled with chatter and laughs that echo around me but all of a sudden it quietens down a bit. A tall, slender guy with black hair and brown eyes appears with two other guys next to him. People start to turn their heads in his direction. Layla and Ella roll their eyes at the same time. “Who’s he?” I ask confused. “He’s the best basketball player and he’s really popular, his name is Kai, all the girls adore him”, says Ella. “Yea but we don’t really care about him,” says Layla, annoyed. “I'm going to get some food, be back in a sec” says Layla as she walks off. Kai looks in our direction and I shrug at the sight of him, popular people don't interest me.

Strolling towards my next class, Layla and Ella head in a different direction as they don’t have the same lesson as me. I open the door and get squirted with water on my face! Brushing the water off me, I look up and see Kai and his friends laughing and Kai holding a water bottle. Ugh, I scoff angrily and go to my seat- stupid guys. The teacher tells us that we have a history assignment we have to do, which is a presentation about the first world war, so it shouldn't be too hard. He pairs us up and tells us we have 1 week to finish and then we’ll present it. I get paired up with a girl with curly, brown hair and she seems nice. We talk about different ideas and how to present the information. We’re both very good at history so it will be easy then we start typing away on the computers. The school bell chimes which means it’s the end of school ,finally! I grab my bag and head on out ,relieved that the first day is over.

The next 2 days are as normal, sun shining, a cool breeze flowing, flowers blooming. It's spring after all -my favourite season. Me and Layla were sitting next to each other in science class( Emma was in another class sadly) when I felt a poke on my shoulder. I turn around and see paper aeroplanes on the floor and Kai is holding one. I groan and Layla does as well. “They're so annoying”, she says in an irritated voice and I agree with her. Can’t they just leave us alone?

We head to lunch and look for a table. I'm just about to sit down on the bench when I see something on my seat, a piece of soft gum. I look at it disgusted and see Kai smirking in the distance at me. Taking a tissue out of my pocket, I grab the gum and throw it in the bin. “What was that?”Ella asks and I sit down. “Some gum that Kai put on the bench”, I replied annoyed. “They’re being so irritating”, Layla says, aggravated. “Weird”, mumbles Ella.

I arrive home and step inside the house, the warm feeling brushes me. “How was your first week of school”, my dad asks. “It was ok”, I say surprised that he’s home so early and slump down on the sofa. A week has gone so fast , I say to myself. I have to do my presentation next monday, I sigh. The weekend goes by quickly too as Layla invites me over to her house-Ella is there of course-. We play games on her computer and eat ramen for lunch (we all love to eat ramen) and then go out to the park, it was really nice and relaxing.

But here I am again sitting in History class on a Monday morning. People present their presentations, some which are quite good,others not so much. “Mika and Ivy you're the last ones up”, the teacher says. Me and Ivy stand at the front of the classroom and everyone is watching, it makes me feel nervous but I exhale deeply, I know we can do it. Ivy plugs in the usb to the projector and we wait for our presentation to load. After a minute, it loads but not our presentation instead an image of a monkey holding a sign that says ‘Nerds’. I stare blankly at the presentation and people begin to laugh and Ivy gasps. My body takes full control of me and I snatch my bag and run out of the room in frustration and embarrassment.

I walk down the hallway, my eyes tearing up. I stumble on something and fall with my knee scraping against the floor and start to bleed. Unaware that I’m bleeding I stand up and continue to walk. “Go apologise to Mika now!” , the teacher shouts at Kai and the rest of the class goes quiet. My hands quiver and I wipe my face. I hear footsteps behind me, it’s Kai. He grabs my shoulder. “Hey, I’m sorry I didn't mean-”, Kai says in a deep voice. “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ,WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, I HATE YOU!”. I shout at him angrily, my fists curled. The blood drips on my socks and Kai stands, speechless. The school bell goes off, it’s the end of the day. I shake his hand off my shoulder and sprint down the hallways, not giving a single care of what I look like.

Beep,Beep,Beep! My alarm goes off, it’s already morning ? I grunt and get up still wearing the school clothes from yesterday. Sitting on the bus, the sun is super bright today and the sky is blue, I give a small smile. Wandering to class, I feel two pairs of arms wrap around mine: it's Layla and Ella. “Are you ok?,we heard what happened yesterday,”Ella asks, concerned. “ Yea, I’m fine” I mumble. “That little rascal Kai, I'll kill him if I ever see him again”, Layla says irritated. “No, it's fine, it’s over anyway” I say. We head to class together. In maths, we were allowed to work with whoever we wanted, so me,Layla and Emma group up. While doing our work, Kai comes over to our table and looks at me. “Can we talk?” , he asks. I grab Layla’s and Emma’s arms and move away from him. Ugh, just seeing him ruins my day -I think.

The next day passes so rapidly, that it doesn't even feel like a whole day. At break time me and Layla were chatting and again Kai came up to us. “Mika, let me talk with you”, he pleads. “Go away”, I say annoyed. He gives a miserable frown and walks away. “He’s so aggravating”, I say and Layla agrees. Walking to my locker, a huge crowd of people run down the hall, they tower over me and I get pushed. Just as I’m about to fall, an arm grasps me and pulls me to them. “Shh”, says a deep voice. It’s Kai. I'm so close to him that I can hear him breathing. The stomping has stopped and I pull away from Kai. “What do you want?”, I mutter. “I want to apologise to you, I didn't mean for it to go that far, I just thought it would be funny”, he says guiltily. I look down at the floor unsure what to say. A finger lifts my chin up and we meet eyes, my heart races.“It’s fine..”, I say and step back. “Can you forgive me?” he asks. I sigh. “Yea”, I say quietly, my cheeks turning pink. “Thanks”, he says in a deep voice. I rush out the corner and sprint down the hallway. What the heck was that? I say to myself.

At lunch, I discover that there’s a library and go to check it out. Entering the library, a smell of books covers me and my eyes light up. I wander through the isles of organised books staring joyfully at them. The area is quiet and peaceful as people study and read this lifts my mood and I smile. The school bell chimes and I go to my next lesson. Lounging in my seat, the teacher tells us that we have an assignment to do, which is to create a piece of work on one of Shakespeare's plays. He tells us that he has partnered us up and will call our names. Waiting for my name to call, I peer around my class to see who I could be paired up with. “ Lisa and Jack, Rose and Esme and the last ones Mika and Kai”. What!? I'm paired up with Kai! Kai strides towards me and sits down. “Hi, it seems we meet again”, he says. “Yea, what play do you want to do?” I ask, still bothered by the fact that I have to work with. “How about Romeo and Juliet?” he suggests. “Ok, meet me at the library tomorrow, at lunch”. I responded. “Ok”, he says and smiles.

Opening the door, I fling my bag on the floor and take my shoes off. A note is on the table and reads ‘I won't be home till 8, there’s some food in the fridge - from Dad’. I lay on the couch and spend the rest of the day at home. Birds chirp and the morning wind breeze touches my face. As I walk through the school entrance, Layla and Ella join me. “How’s everything going on with Kai?” Layla asks. “We’ve sorted things out,it’s all good now and I have to do my English assignment with him” I reply. “Ooo, that's good to hear, goodluck on your assignment!”Ella says. “Thanks”, I say as we separate in different ways. The lessons go by slowly as I sit in class staring at the board and writing.

The bell chimes and I almost fall off my seat from shock and then I remember. I have to go to the Library to do the assignment with Kai! I take my bag and bolt from my seat towards the doors and out in the hallways. Opening the door to the library, I see Kai sitting on a table waiting. “Sorry, you had to wait for me”, I utter as I sit next to him. “It’s alright, it wasn't that long”, he replies. “Let's look for some books on Romeo and Juliet, you start from that side and I'll start from this side”, I say pointing to an aisle of books and Kai nods. I drift through the books , searching for some about Romeo and Juliet, then I notice one on the top shelf. I reach to grab it but it's too high up, I stand on my tip toes and extend my arm as far as I can. Struggling, I lose my balance and fall back but I feel two arms catch my back. “Are you ok?” asks Kai, still holding me. I pull his arms off me and step back from him; “Yea I’m ok, thanks” I say quietly. He hands me the book from the shelf and we go to sit down, my cheeks pink. We spend the rest of lunch writing and chatting -working on the assignment.

Sitting on the bed, I get a message from an unknown number. ‘Who is this?’ I ask. ‘It’s Kai, do you want to go out tomorrow and work on the assignment, Kai replies. I hesitate for a moment but decide that I should go. ‘Ok, what time and when?’, I question. ‘How about at 11: 15?, I'll send you the location’ , he answers. ‘Alright then, see you tomorrow’ I reply and shut my phone off . I get a flashback from lunch in the library and start to blush. It’s just for the assignment, nothing else, I say to myself and lay on my bed staring at the ceiling.

Morning rays shine on me, waking me up,I look at the clock on the wall it’s 10:30! Scrambling out of bed, I rush to the bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my face, the water goes all over my sleeves. I hastily put in a denim skirt and a jumper and fling tights on. Brushing my black hair, I grab a piece of toast in my mouth and put my shoes on. I look at the time again. It's 10:55. I snatch my beige satchel and shove my phone, books, pencil case and purse into it and zip it shut. I rush outside and sprint to the bus station finding the remains of the toast. Hopping on the bus, I look at my watch, it's 11:04, I let out a sigh of relief- I’ll be there on time.

8 minutes later, I get off the bus and scan around me looking for the Cafe that Kai said we’ll meet up at. I see the cafe across the road and Kai standing next to the door, I dash towards it. “Hi, sorry for keeping you waiting, again” I say. “It’s ok, you don't need to apologise, let’s go inside”, he replies grinning. I nod. A little bell chimes and we go inside the cafe and a smell of tarts and cakes fill the place. We find a table and I sit down. “What drink do you want?”, he asks. “A latte, please”, I responded. He heads off to the counter and I open my satchel and take my stuff out. A minute later, Kai comes back and places our drinks on the table. “Thanks”, I say smiling. “No problem”, he replies. He takes his books out and we start to work , sipping our coffee while writing. 1 hour later, we finally finished! “What do you think?” I ask, showing the paper at him. “It looks really good, all thanks to you”,he says. I smile at him and he smiles back. “What do you want to do now?” , he asks. “Hmm, how about we walk around the place?”, I answer. He nods. We pack our stuff away and leave the cafe, the bell chimes behind us. We go in and out of many shops glancing at all the items and we end up buying matching bracelets. Mine is a white bracelet with a sun and Kai’s is a black bracelet with a moon - how cute!

After all the walking, our feet get tired so we sit on a bench in the park. Fluffy clouds roam the baby blue sky and the sun glowing its orange and yellow rays, it was a wonderful day. Chatting and laughing, I notice a little girl holding a balloon and her mum holding her hand as they walk. I get a flashback deep within my memory. The image of the girl and her mum change into me and my mother, her beautiful smile, her pretty hair, the day when it happened. “Mum”, I mumble, my voice quivering. A tear rolls down my eye and I blink the image disappears. My eyes start to fill with tears and I sob. Kai looks at me confused and then I feel a warm arms around me, my face engulfed in his jacket and he holds me. I cry even more.

He lifts my face up and wipes the tears with his fingers. “It’s ok”, he says in a calming voice. I gaze into his eyes, the rich brown colour sparkles in the sunlight. I pull his hands off my face and stare at the floor sniffing. “Are you alright?” he asks ,worried. “Im ok..”, I say quietly, turning to face him. “Sorry, I didn't mean to ruin this day with my stupid crying”, I say apologetically. “No, it’s ok really, you didn't ruin my day you made it better” he says smiling at me. I blush and he laughs.“You're cute”, he says half laughing. I blush even harder. And that's how the day ends.

I'm back at school -again. “So how was your weekend?” Emma asks as we sit outside at break. Kai walks past us and smiles at me , I smile back. “Seems like someone had a good weekend”, Layla says looking at me. “It was nothing, me and Kai were just doing our assignment together”, I say stuttering. “Who knew the person you hated the most, you would fall in love with”, says Layla laughing. “It’s not that!”I reply, crossing my arms and looking away, my face pink. The next few months pass and we are busy doing our exams- which are so tiring. Day after day after day we study and write. Until one day sitting at home I receive a message from Kai ‘Come meet me in 5 minutes’. I stare confused and then he sends me a location. Huh? What's this? Unbothered by it I leave the house and hop on a bus.

Stepping off the bus, I see Kai in the distance standing in front of a fountain and walk to him. “Hey, what's up?”I ask, looking at him. He gets something from behind his back. “These are for you”, he says, handing me a bouquet of red and white roses. I gasp surprised. “Thank you, they’re beautiful!”, I exclaim. “ Not as beautiful as you”, he says. My face flushes a light pink colour. He grabs my waist and pulls me closer to him. We’re only inches apart and we stare into eachothers eyes. His black hair flows and his cocoa- coloured eyes shimmer. I blush even more and my heart beats rapidly. Our bracelets twinkle in the moonlight and the fountain turns on, shooting its water into the air gracefully. He tilts his head and pulls me even closer- we kiss.