D: The two worlds
Do you believe in vampires demons and werewolves there was a time when humans demons and werewolves lived together they helped each other until humans wanted their powers they started to fight but the Demon King and Queen merged their powers and created a portal for their kingdom by time humans started forgetting about them. This story is about a 15-year old girl who met a demon.

Yuki, a 16-year old girl, is walking to home from her school when she is confronted by a group of bullies.

Ji Tang: Hey look who is it - little miss Yuki the ice princess.

Yuki: *sight* please leave me alone.

Su yang : Aw, what's wrong? can't take a little joke.

The bullies started laughing and making fun of Yuki.

Yuki: *feeling anger rising and her eyes suddenly flash red* That's enough!

Yuki thrusts out her hand and a shimmering portal appears, sucking the bullies inside. but as quickly it spits them back unharmed and confused.

Ji Tang : Whoa what just happened.

Su yang: I..I don't know let's get out of here.

The bullies ran off leaving Yuki standing there equally bewildered.

Yuki: *to herself* what was that? I never did anything like that.

A few weeks later Yuki's class takes a field trip to an old castle.

Miu Qing {teacher}: Alright class,stay together as we explore around. Don't wander off!

Yuki accidently gets separated from her class and finds herself in a old room with a statue covered in white cloth.

Yuki: *examining the statue* This just exactly looks like me when I was little how strange.

Suddenly a young man appears and enters the room he exactly looks the same age as Yuki.

Strange boy: You shouldn't be here this room is only accessible with those with the demon blood.

Yuki turns around but before she can respond she feels dizzy and collapses to the floor, unconscious.

Strange boy: *to himself* who is this girl she shouldn't be in this restricted area.

He kneels down and gently picks up Yuki , carrying her out of the room.

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