Come fall in Love sorry Lust ( Part-4)

How do you feel when someone caught you doing some werid things? Ashamed or frightened? But what if that is done on some good note. Others often conclude and make their thought about you with what they see but you know you didn't do any wrong and that gives you ultimate satisfaction.But what if that someone is one of your parents who see you in that situation? Somewhere your satisfaction gets amalgamated with the fear of being scolded.

I was still living in fear because I don't think dad got convinced by ma'am's explanations and I was waiting for dad's reaction once he returns from his office. What if he throw ma'am out of the house but why? We weren't doing anything wrong . I was just helping ma'am to get her dress off,why would I have done that if mom or any other female would have been present at home. Even if he does that then how am I going to save ma'am from the curse, in any means I had to help her.

Ekalavya chopped off his thumb to pay his guru's gurudakshina ,shall I be deprived of that opportunity?. No,No in any means I gonna ask her today itself the process to get her rid of that curse.Fear of dad wasn't letting me have peaceful mind while the beauty that my eyes had witnessed on ma'am's body in the morning wasn't letting me sit calmly at one place. Time and again my eyes looked at the clock and then towards the main door ,in short my eyes looking for her.

The weather was enchanting,the environment was soothing . Nither exam nor any medical condition prevailed still I missed my cricket session for the day. Did you see I skipped my cricket,the game that is an integral part of my life.I knew mom and dad gonna be late today from office because it's Saturday and moreover it's Christmas and they will be celebrating with their colleagues as weekend team party. I was just waiting for ma'am , somewhere she has been an addiction to me.

Generally ma'am returns at 2:30 everyday but today it had been already 6:30 pm still no trace of her. Did my parents tell her anything regarding the morning incident for which she didn't return but How? Mom had already left and dad left infront of me then how can they contact ma'am and fired her from her job. It's early 21st century and mobile companies charged a hefty price for incoming so hardly anybody used it and to be on safer side ma'am doesn't own a cellphone. With all these thoughts I impatiently kept walking within the room when suddenly the door bell rang at 7pm.

I ran to open the door to find it's ma'am. Seeing her I took a sigh of relief and asked her," You took too long today. Everything fine?"

" Yeah Rohit, just my scooty broke down and it took time to get it done. After that we had a Christmas celebration party for which I got late. You get down to study ,I'll change myself and see you in the living room. ", Saying this as she began to walk I clasped her hand and said," No ma'am today I gonna learn the methodology of getting you rid off that curse."

" But you are still a child , you aren't yet prepared for it "

" That day you told me a man like me can help you and today you are saying I'm still a child and not yet ready for that. No ma'am today I'll learn it anyhow. You are underestimating my capabilities but I'm quite able. You only says nothing is impossible if we have got strong determination within us "

Hearing she smiled and drew closer to me and kissing on my lips she said," Merry Christmas baby,give your Santa some time. Your Santa gonna gift you with your wish today."saying that she went upstairs.

Her kiss was enough to bloom smile on my lips while her words sooth my heart and mind. I sat down on the sofa waiting for her. After a while I heard someone's footsteps . I looked towards the stairs and saw ma'am wearing a sky blue shirt that streched till her thighs and below it tapered her clean and smooth nude legs. As she descended through the stairs her shirt kept flying revealing her beautiful body from inside. The picture of morning scene was still fresh in my mind and now seeing her in this avatar,did made me excite a lot.

She came and stood infront of me with her legs twisting and turning while her waist swayed to expose little portion of her fleshy hips that looked blooming like fresh flowers in winter garden. She lifted her right leg and caressing with the tip of her toes from my leg onwards she moved upwards activating every sensory motor of my nervous system and finally came to a halt on my chest. My eyes stared through her toes and moved towards her thighs but before I could peep into her dress she pushed me with her toes and there I fell flat on the sofa.

" I wanna see your snake Rohit.",saying this she pulled my pant out.

" Which snake ma'am and where is the snake. You know I'm so much afraid of snakes ?"

" Oh you are so sweet baby, I'm speaking about the snake that you will love it instead of getting frightened . Every boy harbours it on their body. It's with the help of that only you gonna cure me."

" Is that so ? But you were saying about some weapon that day and now snake. I'm not getting anything"

" What is a weapon? Anything with the help of which one gets their work done is term as a weapon. So here your snake is that weapon which will come into play .",saying this she hold it and took it in her mouth. It was electrifying and I got goosebumps. I felt as if I got numb , I began to find difficult in speaking still the illitrate within me didn't give up and I asked," But why this ? What are you doing?"

Freeing it from her mouth she said," I'm just feeding your snake. It has been in hibernation for so many years.So It has got weak and timid. It needs food to assemble its strength to face the challenges and the hurdles that it's enemies will posses for it once it gets onto the Warfield. It needed to be reminded about his strength before it gets prepared for the encounter. Now you just lay silently and feel the magic." saying this she again had that inside her mouth.

Her saliva ,her tongue was doing all the magic while I could feel something in me growing and garnering strength within it. Slowly and steadily ma'am's hand began to crawl inside my shirt and her fingertips kept playing with my body. I couldn't hold the stimulus within me and clasped the sofa cover tightly. My heart began to beat fast,my breath started to get heavy to heavier. She was such a sweetheart,she took time and kept playing with my snake and my body .

It was December winter Christmas evening but I was already feeling the heat of scorching sun of June . Every nerves on my body had got triggered and I was feeling nausea. I was literally sweating when all of a sudden she let go off her hold from my snake and sat besides me. I asked," What happened ma'am,did you get rid of your curse.?"

She laughed and said," you fool now it's the time you need to find the pathway to the devil's castle to conquer over the enemies. Your snake will encounter lots of hurdles but it has to tackle them very sensitively.Before entering the castle,your snake need to bore through the gateway because the opening is too small for your mighty snake which has grown three to four times of its size . It's only if you bleed in peace that you will get the bliss. Wait I will saw you the place but rest journey you have to cover. Saying this she flung her legs to reveal her bifurcated destination.