Nothing is permanent (part-1,2,3 as 1)
A girl name Rya. She lives a terrible life, but no one knows that. she was not too happy. After five years ago.

She makes many friends, then many years later she studies hard and finishes college.

She is number one.

She has only college friends. Her friends didn't ask her why.

She starts a company. After some months later her friend mary joins her company. Their company is the first. One day they were talking...

Mary: Rya, why don't we have a party for our company, 'Today's present'.

Rya: Yes, we want to hold a party for our company's success. It finally get three years we started.

Mary: ok, fine. What can we do?

Rya: Invite all Staffs and our friends. It will be nice.

Mary: ok.

Rya believes in mary. Then they invite all staff and their friends. The party was held in their company.

It was grand and nice. Then they all celebrate.

Rya: My dear friends and stuff. It's a victory for our company, me and mary. We make this company bigger than now. But now, I give a treat to you guys. we can go to the best hotel at today night.

The afternoon at the company went great.

Then at night, they went to hotel. That's Rya's treat. They enjoyed. The staff has gone fast and then friends are talking.

Sofia, mary, rya, john, David, Harley, rose, mark, Roy. They were friends. They are Rya's only friends.

Sofia: Rya is nice. I want to go to college again. It was a great time at there.

Harley: But, they succeed it. I appreciate it mary.

Mary: Thanks. It's all for Rya.

Rose: Anyway, do you guys remember the song we dance to.

John: Oh... Yeah.

Rya: How can we forget it.

Mary: Let's dance.

The dancing near the swimming pool. Suddenly, rya felt inside it they all laughing. Rya was smiling, Then David gives a hand to rya.

She came outside the pool. It is like she takes a bath. She is full and full wet.

At the time everyone saw that there is a scar on her face. They get shocked.

Mary: Rya, you have a scare in your face.
she got flinched to hear that. Because she was wearing waterproof makeup all the time.

Sofia: Why didn't you tell to us?

Rose: Don't worry David is a doctor. He well makes the scare disappear.

Mark: So this is why you didn't come on any trip or camp with us.

Roy: I thought because of me you don't come.

David: Don't worry. I make this scare disappear.

They comforted and questioned her. Rya remembers the past, She ran away.

She went to her home and see the scare. Then change her dress and then sleep while crying.

The friends talking.

Rose: Roy, why did you tell us that she didn't come to the trip because of you?

Roy: Just a guess. Don't think wrong.

Mary: Let's go. You all stay at our house. We can talk to her in the morning.

Everyone: ok.

The next day her friends are waiting for her at her house. She put make-up on the scar and came down.

Rya: I tell you guys don't get mad...

Roy: I get mad too...

Mary: You didn't even think about telling me.

Mark: Came down. Rya tell us what is this?

She started to tell.....

Rya: In my little age, my parents didn't love me. They want to sell me. My school teacher's are scolding and beating me always. The life is terrible.

Rya: One day my father take me to a place and left me. The place was a little bit dirty. No one was there. I clean the place and live there.

I need to go to school. But i rejoin at another school. I tell that i am an orphan. They give admission.

Rose: That's the school you told us that you came.

Rya: Yes, then i study hard. Because they want me to die. At the time my studying was a little poor. Then i sudy hard. I get good marks. But that was not enough. My father and mother discovered that. They came to kill me. I heard that i was originally a adopted daughter. They came to my place. They had a fight with me. At the time, my own mother beat me with a rod. That was this scare. Even this scare in my face my heart get many scars.

Rya: I manage to escape. Thank goodness the owner of the place came there at the time. He saves me and helps me to get inside the college. The owner of the place didn't have a girl. So they like me. I only call them as my father and mother.

Rya: They call me yaya like their own child. Then i study hard and make you guys as my friends. Then after i start the company. A little success happen money came i thought buying the old house, but someone else already bought it.My biological father and mother are came and flattering with me. I told them to get out of my life.

Mary: This happen before my parents death. Right?

Rya: Yes.

Rose: Mary, you came after she starts the company and after she gets the house.

Mary: Before that, i was at the rent house with my parents. They dead in a accident. So the landlord throw me out. Its like a emotional scare. Then i came to rya. I don't think anyone at the time.

David: Before you came did she have house.

Mary: yeah.

Rya: So, i see the scare every morning and get the courage to live.

Harley: Like me and john's life. The life we had i too like this.

Sofia: Don't talk easy about life. Look at this first.

Sofia take off her jacket and pour water at her hand there is a big scare at her hand. They all get shocked.

Roy: This is why you always dressed full hand.

Mark: But you look good in full hand.

John: Sofia how did you get this scare?

Mary: Everyone has a terrible past.

Harley: Indeed.

Rose: But...,

Rya: But what...

Rose: No one wants to tell and get to know abou their past to others. Even if it's a friend.

Sofia: Believing a friend make me like something before. so i don't want to tell this.

Mark: Even you have some people to hate you to give courage. But i don't have any one. That's the big scare i get. I want to get notifications by others. The emotional scare changed me.

After a few minutes later. After a dead silence. Roy starts.

Roy: So me and david are the person's who had this much sad past like a scare.

David: Who said that i dont have a scare past. I have.

Rya: so it's time tell about our past. Lets start one by one. I told you mine. Next to me roy. He don't have any past like this.

John: Next mary. Then me and Harley. We are grow together so we tell at the same time.

Rose: Mary next you!

Mary: But i have a family scare. You guys suffer alone. But i suffer with parents.

David: It's ok. Its time to share our pain.

Mary: Ok i tell...

Mary: Me and my family were very poor. We only have relatives. Do you guys know what is betrayed feels?

Rya: Yeah.

Sofia: We know...

Roy: How was that feels?

Harley: I tell you later.

John: Mary, you tell.

Mary: In my school was sad. I study fine. But we don't have enough money. I work a part-time job for a school fee. My mom and dad get money from our relatives. It was the biggest mistake we did.

Mary started to cry after she said that. Mark gave her a glass of water. She started to after drinking the water.

Mary: On the finishing day of school I didn't get more marks like rya. But enough marks to join our college. At the time our relatives ask for money. We gave them all we have , we only left with my college fee. We didn't give only one relative. His family only got boys.

John: What for that? Only boys.

Rose: Did he harass you? Tell who are they? We get revenge now.

Mary: Not them. He said he got the money from someone else. They come to our house and ask for money. They beat my relative. We tell that we give later, he ask 'me'. He hold my hands and pulled me. Then my father sold our only one home to them.

Mary started to cry aloud. After hearing that they all get silent. Then mary asks that...

Mary: Rya, where did you go at the college time.

Rya: Before finishing school. I met the house owner. In college time I was in college dormitory.

Mary: You guys know I don't have money for the dormitory. So we stayed in an old house. We don't know who was the owner. The house has no doors.

Rya: I stayed in a house like that too.

Mary: Then we get money. So we went to a rented house. After college, we had a car accident. Then I can't stay alone. Money is getting the least. My job isn't enough. Being alone many people try to use me. But, rya is strong so I went to her and join her.

Rya: The owner of the old house I stayed he has a good brother. The brother has a son. They told me that the house was theirs later. I went to talk to them they like me. Do you guys know? They asked me to marry their son.

After hearing that they were shocked. They started to laugh at rya. David and Roy tell...

Roy: Don't get married. I am here for you.

David: Roy, she is not an idiot to marry you.

Roy: Then, who? Did she marry you?

After he tells that. Rya and David looked at each other. The others are looking at them. Then shout.

All: Ohhhhhh.....

Rya and David get normal. Then mary...

Mary: I finished. Then mark.

John: Mark, do you like.....

Mark: Shut up. Ok, guys after everyone told their past. I am going to propose my love here.

Everyone looks furious and shocked. Then shout ohhh..ah.ah....

David: I am too going to propose.

Roy: Me too.

John: me...Too...

Harley: Then me...

Rose: Hey... Only four girls you guys are five boys.

Sofia: So that means two boys propose to one girl. Right?

Harley: Right.

Rya: Mark you tell your past. Then talk about your proposals.

Mark started to tell...

To be continued...

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