did you know - part 4

→dolphins sleeps at
Night .. below the surface
Of the water

After seeing goddess
Musu beauty all day
They rest at night
Joyfully & peacefully
..no human disturbance
Below the water surface

→albatross bird can
Sleep while flying

Crazy reason:
They are so naalayak
They dream musu angel
Even while flying ..omg

Romantic stuff:
Even amu thinks about
Musu while walking on
Road ....

→kamgaroos can
Jump 30feet in
One leap

Superb reason:
If musu makes
Yummy gulab jamoon
Even I can jump
40feet in one leap
So I can eat it first

→Galapagos tortoise
Is 176 yrs old ..
She is living for
So many years

Great reason:
She was waiting to
See the lovely face
Of musu .
Some foretold her
"In 2001A.D
goddess I earth
Will be born ..
If you see her
Divine beautiful face
You get eternal life"

→giraffes not only have
Long necks but also
long tongues

Crazy reason:
So that they can
Snatch quickly
Musu made nummy
Roti from amu hand

Amu :
Arre giraffe..
Stay far ..
I want to eat
Musu made roti
Ok ..

→cats have 250 muscles
In each ear

Pagalpan reason :
So they can hear
Musu ka scolding
Joyfully ...

Musu ka scolding bhi
Ekdum honey sweet

Musu is definitely
A divine goddess


© amusu