If you could, would you migrate to another country to protect you and your family? But where and why? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
Such a situation should not happen with anyone, this is my prayer. We are human if we live with family then we first think about the safety of our family. If ever I have to take refuge in another country for my family and my safety, I would prefer to take refuge in Canada or America. Because I am only thinking about my family. I can take care of my family by working there or doing labor. There, They pay more attention to the education of the children. But for this, my family and I will have to learn the language there. And it is very difficult when you go to another country, it is very difficult to talk to strangers there in their language, whether it is a matter of job or studies.
If there is no one our on foreign land, then sometimes there is a mistake in understanding the people. The people there recognize you by your work and skills. But wherever you go you will also find haters who hate your religion and customs or discriminate because of the color of your body. You will also find people who will be sensitive towards you. Millions of Indian people live there in Canada and America and have also been ahead in the progress of both countries.
But my heart will never want to leave my country. If my true allegiance is with my country, then I will protect my family while living in my country. It is very sad when we have to leave the earth which gave us life.
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