Thembani ngeHope
Your love was with hoping for and everytime it came around my heart kept asking when will it come back again,cause it goes when it comes and it flourish when you herewith me,with your sleepy eyes and all that gentle look.Thats why when it goes I'm following it with that loop holes hooring in my heart I'm in love,I am taken love even though I'm left behind that melody of one moment always stays forever......Sphelelisa uThembani ngeHope....

In every situation I try by all means to see the most positive side of me,the now, yesterday, tomorrow and the 5year plan future waiting on me. Now this is on foreshore thing, I'm sticking on this one don't matter how wrong or right I am,it has got to happen.
Have you ever noticed that growing up is really a trap especially growing to know that love is something you have got to cherish, respect, honour and admire,but then you end up being humiliated.I know all this letme just take you through it,but I don't do day one's,these are just like drama episodes of mine.

Episode 1: So not only was it an occured first time real situation of relationship and it wasn't noticed...no I never noticed that it was real love until it's gone yeah realised after it's gone that was love...what ever the line it needs to be fixed.
My love or friend we meet on the street,he was working I was passing and we greet each other,then the greeting became he wanted to accompany me to my house,I think he had forgotten that he was at work,I mean the young man littirally left his work tools to accompany me,and I just didn't see a problem cause I was all smiles yep he charmed me with what exactly?.
This is where it causes kios,they charm us the first time buy all these goodies which they think we would fall for them,well in my case it's never like that.This one I brought him into mylove,did some introduction to my family and now I'm famous in my hood cause his known by every person on the street.The most part that killed me was that even his late night fusses ladies were hating me,for what I couldn't bother myself about it....
See my relationship with my charmer boy it had charismatic love touch all over written.We wouldn't mind to sit all day together doing nothing but watching TV,eating, laughing and talking about....?,well gossiping about this other haters,we were good like that.
Best moment list
*He sleeps over my house in my bedroom*
He wakes up on breakfast in bed situation.
*He comes when ever it felt like he wants to see me.
*He has all sort of conversation with my mum.
*His allowed to say I love you and scream especially cause his drunk around 12noon.
*His able to bring a girlfriend over and presume her as colleague.
*We always watch movies whether raining or sunny.
*We fight then after an hour we together again.
Now I'm trying to carry on with "we" but there is no other moment of we had that's all about it.All was about him it was cool until everything changed to worse...
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