Unfinished Story of Us.
hi it's me,
you know what?
I've always been in love with you.
well I've told you this already, why am i so silly?
but do you know that,
I'm still desperately in love with you,
even after what happened between us,
even after we've ruined our friendship,
even after we've fought a lot,
and even after I've blocked you from all of my accounts.
Do you know that how much I've hated you after all this?
but the truth is,
i was never able to hate you.
I've tried to hate you, I've cursed you.
but, it was never possible to hate you.
maybe my love was a lot more than my hate for you.
I've told my friends what you did to me,
but I've also told them how much you've cared.
I've told them how you've changed,
but I've also told them how much you used to treasure me.
I've told them I don't love you anymore,
but, only my heart knew how was a lie it was.

I've thought so many times to move on from you, but guess what?
you never really got me a chance to did.
I've hated you but I've always loved you.

you still have my heart and you might always will.
i know you never really loved me.
but it doesn't matter even if it was one sided.

to be continued.....
© Soul🥀