Natural Love
In whispers of the wind and songs of the sea,
Your natural beauty unfolds, a sight to see.
In every freckle, in every smile,
I find a love that spans many a mile.

Your eyes, like emeralds, bright and deep,
Hold mysteries that make my heart leap.
Your skin, like silk, soft and pure,
A canvas for the sun to paint a picture so sure.

Your laughter, a melody that dances in the air,
Filling my soul with joy beyond compare.
Your essence, a fragrance that lingers and stays,
Guiding me through life's intricate maze.

In the tapestry of nature, you are a rare bloom,
A masterpiece crafted in a quiet room.
I cherish your natural beauty, so true and real,
A treasure that time cannot steal.

So let me bask in the glow of your grace,
And revel in the wonder of your face.
For in you, I find a beauty so divine,
A love that forever will shine.