Man who hope with Love : Question
Manav and Priya became special friends, Both used to talk to each other over the phone, One day Priya got a call from Manav and asked to meet, but Manav was working on the job, Manav told Priya that I am busy then talk on the phone, please.
Manav asked what is the matter?
Priya said that my friend is married tomorrow and the wedding hall is close to where you work, will you meet me?
Manav replied, yes we can meet tomorrow.

On the second day

Priya calls Manav and asks him, "Where are you?"
Manav said I am standing near the wedding hall.
Priya goes to Manav and starts talking both.
In manav's mind that today he will tell everything to Priya that Priya has a place in his heart.
Manav was going to say all this to Priya, then Priya gets a call,
Priya went away from Manav and started talking on the phone.
Manav was watching everything, but the heart's talk that had come to the tongue, he could not let Priya know.
Priya looked at Manav and cut the phone,
Then Priya says that today a special friend of mine is coming and both of us are less than friends and more than sisters.
Manav does not say anything, only gives a slight smile,
Priya tells Manav about all the mischief of the school.
Manav stopped Priya from speaking and asked have you loved anyone?
Priya could not speak or was hiding anything.
Manav asked Priya again but Priya did not answer anything.
Manav leaves without saying anything.
Priya tries to stop Manav but there were lots of people around, so Priya could not stop Manav.
Manav was unhappy, then he sits on a bridge alone, and starts thinking about Priya, what would have been the compulsion that Priya did not say anything?
There were many questions in his mind, but only Priya could answer all these questions.

"Until you express your love, it is difficult to answer any question in love."
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