She was terrified and was feeling lost. Sweat was dripping from forehead making its way through out her body making her clothes soaking in sweat. Her face was masked with sadness, with her eyes blocking ocean of tears. Her legs were trembling with weakness as she was standing in front of silent river which was marking the end of the day. She felt as if it was luring her silently like a siren. She felt as if it was pulling her towards the waves like a magnet. Her mind was crowded with thoughts pushing each other with no space, unlike that silent river. Thoughts that made her feel alone, thoughts that made feel lost, thoughts that made her feel lifeless. What was she doing there? Was she in her right senses? Did she lost her way?Did she lost someone close? Did she...? Throughout her life, she always felt same emotion. An emotion which bound to her body and soul with out leaving her. What was that emotion anyway?

It was restriction. A very familiar yet painful word and an emotion. She was trapped with restrictions. She felt as if she could not move, as if she was tied all over her body with ropes making her wimp in pain. She hated that feeling, she hated to feel that emotion ever again. She always felt as if she was drowning in a ocean making her breath less. She always felt as if she was a robot with no emotions. Restrictions.... She hated this feeling. She felt helpless and lost. She felt terrified. She wanted to fly like a bird feeling the freedom between the clouds above the sky. But all she felt was trapped. All she ever felt was restricted. But not anymore. She did not wanted to feel that anymore. She did not wanted to feel trapped anymore. She did not wanted to feel lost any more. She wanted to feel free, she wanted to feel alive.
But how...? What was planning to do near the river which was still screaming her name in silence...?